A Luau in Michigan…Oh, and one more thing; Be Obedient!

Hey everyone!

So Sister Manufekai and I are both staying in Monroe for another transfer! Woot!
This week was really good! We had our luau on Saturday and it was awesome! Hopefully pictures will be coming soon. Sister M did a tongan dance and then a tongan elder came down and all 4 elders did the Haka. It was so cool. Then my companion won the watermelon eating contest. So fun!!!! But the best part was that we had more non-members there than members! A lot of less-actives too. It was a success.

This week was really good. We got into a lot of people’s homes who don’t usually let us in. It’s amazing how when we are exactly obedient the Lord blesses us. We worked hard and did our best and we saw miracles.

So it’s a new transfer and we are ready to set new goals and see many many more miracles. Lots of things are going to be happening here in Monroe and I’m so excited!! This week I’ve been reminded of the blessing of having an eternal perspective. That is one of the best things of having a knowledge of the gospel. Here and now is just so tiny compared to what is in store for us. What we do now effects our eternal destiny. Our job is to enjoy the journey. Be happy. Keep the commandments. And if you don’t believe that the commandments can make you happy, I challenge you to try it. You will have Lasting Joy.

I love being a missionary. I am so grateful for how much my Heavenly Father has helped me grow and learn. This short time in Michigan is helping me not only for my life after the mission, but for my life after this life. I’m doing my best to make the best out of it.

Prayer works.

Repentance is real.

The gospel is true.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Watko


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