Mosiah 23:21‏ “the Lord seeth fit to chasten His people; yea, He trieth their patience and their faith.”

So I’m staying in Farmington with Sister Green for my last transfer… My last transfer! Ahh! So crazy.
It’s always taken me longer to learn things or to have them stick in my mind. I finally realized what Heavenly Father has been trying to teach me my whole life. It’s a good thing I’m only 20. But it would have been nice to know closer to the beginning of my mission. But there must be a reason I figured it out now. It’s kind of like Heavenly Father slapped my spirit in the face and I’m just now feeling the blow. It’s a hard thing when you realize you’ve been doing everything wrong and you need to change a lot of habits. But I guess that’s what life is for.
I have 6 weeks left of my mission. But a lifetime to change. A lifetime to not make it about me. A lifetime to serve others. A lifetime to serve God.
This week was good. Super cool miracle!! So we have this Book of Mormon class that we started a few weeks ago. It’s been struggling. Not a lot of people have been showing up. So on Wednesday we prayed to find at least one person to bring to the class that night. Well, we went tracting 45 minutes before it started and we found a guy named Brett. He asked if our church needed a pianist. We told him we don’t have any paid clergy but that he was welcome to come play. We would love to hear him! He asked when and we told him tonight! So 7:00 came, and there’s Brett with music in hand. He played us a couple of songs, tried out some hymns (he can sight read), and then we asked if he could play the organ. He said that he had never played before but would love to try. So we got to take him on a church tour. And there were lots of members there because it was mutual night, so he got to meet a lot of the ward. Then we took him into the chapel and he played the organ for a little bit. And then we asked if we could share with him what we know to be true. So right there in the chapel we taught him the restoration and invited him to be baptized. The spirit was so strong. He said the prayer at the end and then played some more music for us. God answers prayers!!
I’m truly grateful for my Heavenly Father. I am coming to love Him and trust Him more and more everyday.
I love you so much!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

God does answer our prayers

So last week in our zone meeting we learned about using our time effectively. So Sister Green and I have been praying to know how and to be able to make the best use of our time. Well, every time we went out tracting there would be someone who would say “Well, I don’t want to waste your time. Have a good day.” So Heavenly Father was making it very clear to us who to talk to and who not to talk to. Haha!
I’m trying to think of things that happened this week. But it was just a lot of tracting. We found one lady named Liz. She believes in God mixed with American Indian beliefs. She is a single mom to her son. She was really interested in what we had to say. We went back and taught her the whole Restoration and she said a really sweet prayer at the end of the lesson. She asked God if His authority was on the earth. We are going back to see her this week!
And I found out that an investigator in Adrian got baptized on Saturday!!
I’ll just share with you a cool quote I found.
Have a great week!
I love you so much!!!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

Back to only one companion

Hey everyone!!
So It’s just me and Sister Green in Farmington now. We got a call on Thursday during personal study from President Gerber. He told us something about a state law saying that our apartment couldn’t have more than 3 people in the bedroom. I guess he’s been pushing it off as long as possible, but they have been really pressuring him lately. So he prayed about who should leave, and Heavenly Father told him Sister Gordon was needed somewhere else. She’s in Grand Blanc now! I love that place and I pray that she will be happy there :).
So that was kind of stressful, trying to get her packed in a couple of hours and have her say goodbye to a few people. And then some more drama happened after that, but somehow we were still able to focus on the work. God has truly blessed us this week.
I had a really cool experience this week with the Holy Ghost.
So at the very beginning of my mission, I got a letter from somebody who I look up to a lot. This person gave me some really good advice. They said: “Never make it about you”. So I’ve tried to remember that since I read it. I went back and read that letter again earlier this week. But it wasn’t until yesterday until I actually GOT it. A man in the ward who I haven’t met yet gave a talk. I don’t even remember what his topic was. But he started telling a story about someone who’s dad always told him “It’s not about you”. And the guy never understood why his dad always told him that. Then this guy went on a mission and got sent to a really rough area. Rough as in, his companion would stay inside all day while he went out with a member of the ward and then got mugged and beat up everyday on the way home. He got shot, and mocked for 4 months. Finally he got transferred. Then after many other transfers his mission president asked him if he would be willing to go back to that area. He really did not want to. So his mission president called his parents with him there on speaker phone (they didn’t know he was there) and asked what their opinion was on him going back. His mom of course, did not want him to go and basically yelled at the mission president. Then the president asked his dad and all he said was “Well, I would tell him that ‘It’s not about you.'” And then they hung up. The missionary decided to go back to that awful area. And for the rest of his mission, he was beat up every day, alone.
I finally realized that IT’S NOT ABOUT ME. I never understood until yesterday. I finally took the advice that was given to me. And guess what? I still made it about me yesterday, even though it hit me. But I was a lot happier and more willing to do whatever Heavenly Father asked me to do. We are here on this earth to become like God. And to God, nothing is ever about Him. He never does anything for Himself.
He asks us to go through things so that we can learn and grow. And we need to be thankful for those things because we have the Atonement to help us through everything.
I’m so grateful for the Holy Ghost that comforts me, brings things to my remembrance, and testifies of truth.
So that is my goal this week. To not make it about me.
I love you all so much!! Have a great selfless week!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂