I’m in Farmington Hills…And it snowed A LOT!!!


So I am now in Farmington Hills with Sister Green and Sister Gordon. There are so many people here! And a lot of diversity in race and in religion. It’s pretty much like being back in Northville. It’s nice :). But we don’t really have any investigators. Not any serious ones at least. We go tracting A LOT. But it’s fun :).

We got so much snow on Sunday. It was awesome. And then, I kept getting stuck in it. We were going to visit a less active. So, I make the turn to get onto her street and go right into a ditch. So this guy comes out of his house and starts helping us. Then a couple more people drive by and push and shovel. Finally after about 30 minutes, they get me out. Everyone kept making fun of me too. It was funny. Then we went and saw the less active, and she was sick so she told us to come back another day. So on our way back, I get stuck again… In the same turn!! So we did all that we could by ourselves, but the tires weren’t even on the ground anymore. So we knock on the same guys door and ask if he can help us. He just laughed and said “I’ll be right out.”. After about 15 minutes, a big old snow plow truck comes and helps us. Still nothing. Then we get another big snow plow truck. By this time I am so embarrassed I felt like burying myself in the snow. (I was still laughing though, cuz it was just so funny!!!!!) So they put some salt down, and ANOTHER, smaller, snow plow truck comes. Now I’ve got 4 men pushing the car and TONS of ice under the wheels. Finally, I got out. That took about another 30-45 minutes. It was ridiculous. We tried to teach the one guy who lived close by while we were trying to get unstuck. I think we will make him cookies or something and bring them to him soon. It was a very eventful night. I shouldn’t be allowed to drive…

I wish there was more to tell you. We don’t get very many responses at doorsteps. We are trying to think of new approaches and find more service opportunities so that we can find more people to teach. But there is always someone prepared. We just have to listen to Heavenly Father to find them!!

I love you so much!!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

My new address: 27505 Cordoba Dr. #3213 Farmington Hills, MI 48334


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