Taught by an Apostle of the Lord (Elder Oaks)


What a crazy learning week!! Elder Oaks and Elder Kacher came on Friday and I didn’t trip on the way up to shaking his hand! Elder Oaks is funny! He had his iPad with him and he went to look up a scripture and he turns around to one of the assistants and was like “Can I borrow your scriptures please?” So he hands him his scriptures and he looks at us and picks up his iPad and says “The only reason I have this thing is because President Packer made me get one!”. Haha. Elder Oaks is not truly repentant. Just Kidding. But the meeting was really good. He taught a lot about the Atonement and how it’s a daily reality. He taught me something really cool about the Holy Ghost. So the mission of the Holy Ghost is to testify of Christ. Every baptized member of the church has the gift of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, our mission is to testify of Christ. He taught about what praying with real intent means. It means that we are willing to act when we receive our answer and not just beg God for something. I think the coolest thing that I felt while listening to an apostle of the Lord was that he is just a man. Just like us. But he has been called of God for a special purpose, just like any of us. Elder Oaks told us that he wasn’t called because he knew the most about the gospel or because he was the best candidate. He said he was “called to learn.”. It was a really amazing experience.

We had a really awesome experience on Sunday. So I was not doing good that day. I was really down and we had planned to go tracting and I almost told Sister Weight that I couldn’t do it and that we should find something else to do. But I just decided to go anyway. We needed to stay close to the church, but the only streets close to the church that are in our area are dirt roads where the houses are way far apart from each other. And all the snow was melting so everything was muddy. Well, after a few slammed doors and a nice rejection I was seriously ready to get back in the car. But Sister Weight kept walking, which meant I had to. So we knock on the last door of the street (it’s always the last door), and this older man answers. Sis. Weight asks him if he has heard of the Book of Mormon and he said he had but has never read it. So she began to explain it and I bore my testimony of it. He said “I have never heard that before, that’s interesting.”. So we offered to come back to bring him one. He was a little hesitant and said that he’ll talk it over with his wife and give us a call. We asked if we could say a prayer with him before we left and asked if there was anything he needed at this time or someone we could pray for. He said his wife was about to go into surgery in a few days. So as my companion is saying the prayer I could just hear him trying not to cry but failing. At the end of the prayer we all look up and he has tears streaming down his face. He thanked us sincerely for coming by and then turned and shut the door. This man did not accept to take the lessons or even to take a Book of Mormon. But he felt the spirit and he is changed because of that. I’ve been having trouble feeling the spirit lately, but that helped me to know that God is still there and that he loves all of us.

The Atonement is real.

I love you all.

Love, Sister Watko 🙂

Ether 12:27, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10


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