Christmas is coming

So I’m in the Adrian ward, living in Tecumseh, MI. It’s right next to Monroe, and right above Toledo again. It’s super spread out and country. I feel so detached from the world down here. It beautiful though. It would be more beautiful with snow… but…. we haven’t had any!!!
My companion is Sister Weight. She is 20 years old, from Hillsboro, Oregon, and has been out for almost 10 months. She is a really hard worker and a great missionary! We get along really well.
The week was rough. Nobody wants to see us until after the holidays, so I haven’t met very many of our investigators. So needless to say, the work is kind of slow here. But we’ll change that! I replaced my trainer, Sister Cutler, in this area. She went home last Wednesday. So I get to hear lots of stories about her and stuff.
It’s super nice though, cuz we get fed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. The only night we didn’t get fed this week was Friday. So I’ve gotten to know a lot of the ward members which has been really good. It’s kind of a goofy ward, but they are really awesome. There is a lady whose calling is to make sure we get fed. So she passes around a calendar, and goes up to people to tell them to feed us. She’s really gung-ho about it. It’s hilarious. We are very taken care of down here. The ward loves us, missionaries. I’m excited for Christmas cuz I don’t think I’ll feel very homesick :).
Well I hope everyone has a a very Merry Christmas and remember that HE IS THE GIFT. I can’t wait to see you on Thursday!!

I love you!

Love, Sister Watko 🙂


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