He is always there…

Hello Everyone!

So I was sick for most of the week and so my companions kept me inside for a lot of it. We only went out if we had set appointments. And a lot of those cancelled. They didn’t want me out in the cold. It was stupid. But they made phone calls and updated records and stuff, so that was good. I got a blessing from my ward mission leader and he gave me lots of vitamins and medicine to take so that I could get better quickly. This all lasted until Saturday. I woke up feeling great! We went out tracting ALL DAY cuz all of our appointments cancelled. And we met some really sweet people. One lady let us into her home to pray for her dad who had fallen that morning and just got home from the hospital. She had investigated the church years before but she doesn’t like the way women are treated in the church….? But we prayed with them and she gave us cookies and showed us her dollhouses that she makes and it was awesome!

Then on Sunday we had stake conference. We went to the Riverview building because they were broadcasting it there and its closer than the stake center. They were having technical difficulties so we heard only about 3 talks. But we heard the best 3 so it was all good! Remember the Bauss family from Northville? Well, they’re daughter Makenna got home from her mission and she spoke on the Atonement. It was really really good! Here’s a little bit about what she said, “Yes, it’s a miracle that we can run to Him when we make mistakes…. But the real miracle is that HE’S ALWAYS THERE.” He is always here, just waiting for us.

Ms. Debbie’s son, Eugene, got home from jail this week and so we’re jumping on that and are hoping that his heart has been softened because of his experience. We watched the Restoration DVD with them last night and he really enjoyed it. He related to it and opened up to us about his concerns. The only problem right now is that he is a little uncomfortable with the spirit so he can’t sit too long for us to actually teach him. But he’ll get over that soon enough. Ms. Debbie is so excited that her son is finally opening up!

Well, I hope everyone is doing welll! I love you so much!!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂


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