Miracles in Monroe

Dear everyone!

I get to stay in Monroe!!!!! YAY!!!!! Sister Riggs is leaving and Sister Hart and I are getting a greenie. I’m so excited to stay! I totally thought I was leaving and it was so hard because we saw miracles upon miracles this week. Let me tell you about them.

On Tuesday we had our lesson with Dawn. She’s the referral from our recent convert, Sister Pawlecki. Dawn is in a custody battle right now with her ex-husband. They have 2 kids and she doesn’t want them to be involved with her investigation with the church because she is worried that her ex will use that against her somehow. Dawn has been Lutheran most of her life. She doesn’t usually agree with what is being taught all the time. And she thinks its dumb that people say they believe in the Bible but do things that totally contradict it. She was excited to meet with us because she had some misunderstandings about our church. We had a super spirit-filled lesson. All of her questions led right into the restoration and we were able to answer them and they all made sense to her. At the end she said a prayer and asked God to tell her if the things that we told her were true. She said she felt so good and a little scared inside. (Scared is good sometimes. Like in this case.) She is excited to read the Book of Mormon and learn more. She’s gonna go places. I love her so much!

Oh ya and we were fasting that day cuz LaRon (Ty’s dad) had a court hearing that day. So we had extra spirit :).

On Thursday we met with a lady named Linda. She is a referral from her niece in Tennessee. She made us dinner and we taught her the Restoration. She never really grew up in any church. She has always believed in God and considers herself a spiritual person, though. Her growing up life wasn’t too good and so she tried her best to raise her own kids well. She is so sweet. She loved everything we talked about and loved the part about Joseph Smith seeing God and Jesus Christ. She was emotional through most of the lesson. The spirit was really strong. But it got stronger when we asked her to kneel and pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. Talk about “crying unto the Lord”. I’ve never seen/heard anything like it. It was beautiful. After she said that prayer, she immediately said a gratitude prayer thanking Him for showing her the right path. We stood up and she hugged us and told us that we were angels sent to her. I am so grateful for her and for that experience.

On Saturday we went tracting ALL DAY LONG! Well, from about 10-6. At 10:30 in the morning we were cold and not many people were answering the door. But we kept going. As we’re walking to one door, Sister Riggs says “It would be great if someone gave us some food”. We just laughed. We knock on the door and the guy tells us that he’s going to vote. Like we care. He politely tells us no thank you and gives us his bowl of candy from the night before :). We got food! On the way to the next door, Sister Riggs says “It’s so cold! I wish somebody would just let us in for like 30 minutes so that we could get warm”. We knock on the door and a young mother lets us in. We teach her a 30 minute restoration and invite her to church. All warmed up! It was so cool! Heavenly Father wants to know the desires of our hearts. Ask and ye shall receive!!!

On Sunday we were expecting 5 investigators at church. We were so excited!!! Guess who showed up? No one. Haha. It was a little disappointing. But its ok. They’ll come someday.

It was an awesome week. Heavenly Father knows best. I can’t wait to see so many more miracles these next 6 weeks yay!!!!

I love you!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

Oh I forgot one miracle that happened Sunday night!!!

So we were stupid and forgot to get gas in the car on Saturday. So we were limited in where we could go on Sunday. So we said a prayer and asked where we needed to be that wasn’t too far away. We went and visited a couple who were one our GPS. So we go and they invite us in. The husband is a life long member but he’s less-active and his wife in not a member. She told us that earlier that day they had been talking about how she feels like something is missing in her life. She has been going to a Baptist church and just doesn’t feel like it’s doing much for her and she hasn’t been wanting to go anymore. She mentioned to her husband that maybe she could try out the Mormon church and see if it works for her. Then we show up. We taught her the restoration, cleared up her misconceptions about us, and asked her to pray to know if its true. Her husband was all excited that she finally gets it. She is definitely prepared by the Lord. God is so good. And they were only .8 miles away:).


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