Three’s Company


So my companions are Sister Hart and Sister Riggs. They are so awesome. I love them so much already. Being in a trio is hard and I’m still trying to get used to it, but I’m happy I at least love my companions to make it a little easier.

It’s been a stressful week trying to take over 2 whole areas. We are still trying to get things organized and still be able to see and teach people. We will get it eventually. It’ll take some time but with the Lord’s help we will be able to set Monroe on fire!

Elder Cardon from the 70 came to our mission on Thursday. It was pretty cool. I learned a lot! He taught us how to help people to pray and how to teach them to pray. He also taught us about commitments and how we need to keep our own commitments to be able to leave effective commitments with others. I was rebuked and had to repent. We were asked to write a 3 minute talk about what the Lord has taught us about following the spirit while on our missions. The week was really hectic and I was super stressed (not a good excuse, I know) so I wrote the talk 30 minutes before the meeting started. The whole point of us writing the talk was for us to reflect on the question and the preparation part… not the actual giving it part. He was comparing it to what we do with our investigators. It could have been a really good experience for me, but I chose to procrastinate and not put a lot of effort into it. I learned a really good lesson, though. I have since pondered on the question and wrote a 3 minute talk on what the Lord has taught me about following the Spirit.

This morning we studied at Lake Erie. We got up 15 minutes early to go and watch the sunrise. And then we sat and studied and sang on the “beach”. It was so beautiful!!! God loves us sooo much!

I gotta go.

I love you all so much!!

O, remember, remember… The church is true!!!!!

Love, Sister Watko 🙂


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