A Missionary Life…

Hello everyone!

This week has been crazy.

On Wednesday we met with our new investigator, Sister Pawlecki. She’s awesome. The poor girl is so confused and just wants to know the truth. She has so many questions, it’s good, but it’s hard because she wants to know everything and we can’t just shove everything into her brain. It will make her more confused. We keep telling her to take it one step, one day at a time. She will eventually come to know. She came to church and she loved it. Relief Society loved her! Everyone was explaining and answering her questions for her. And she cried all through testimony meeting. She’ll be ready soon :).

Ty is hopefully (prayerfully) still getting baptized this week. He had his interview yesterday and there was some miscommunication and confusion. He will be re-interviewed sometime this week. As for now he is still going to take his first step to Eternal Life this Sunday. He is so excited. He wanted to do it yesterday but we told him that we didn’t have everything prepared. Haha. We’re going too slow for him. It’s cool too because his dad is so excited. We asked him if he would like to give a talk at his baptism and he said no because he was going to be too emotional. So cute. They almost didn’t make it to church yesterday because their car broke down on Friday. We were calling everyone to see if they could give them a ride to church but nobody was answering. Finally our ward mission leader told us he could go get them. And they live almost 20 minutes away from the church. Another miracle in disguise: We didn’t have bread for the sacrament. So we did testimonies first and had the sacrament at the end. Everyone who we felt needed it the most came in late to church. So they were able to take the sacrament. God works in mysterious ways.

We had a HUGE storm on Friday night. Our power went out and didn’t come back on until about 1:30 on Saturday. We heard that in Detroit people are still out of power. It was pretty crazy.

I love the spirit and what it guides us to do. God doesn’t lie, so never doubt a spiritual prompting.
I have come to learn that if it is a good thing to do, then do it because it’s most likely the spirit. But it’s hard when you have to choose between 2 good things. Then that’s where faith comes in and you have to choose one and trust that God will take care of everything. I had to do a lot of that this week. It’s scary, but God is in control and He will let things happen the way he wants things to happen.

Read the Book of Mormon.
I love you!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂


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