Prayer of Faith

Hello everyone!

This week was fun!
Tyree is still good for baptism on the 14th. He’s progressing so much! He came to church on Sunday and out of the 6 boys in young men, he was the one to volunteer to give a lesson sometime this month. The only one who isn’t a member yet. He’s so awesome. Him and his dad came to a Labor Day picnic that we had yesterday. They had tons of fun and made a lot of friends.

On Sunday we went to a Pentecostal worship thing. We were invited by somebody we met while volunteering. We ate food and listened to some good Christian music. We met the pastor who was really really nice. He invited us to Bible studies on Wednesday nights. We wondered if we would be able to teach it… haha. It was fun, but it just makes my testimony grow that much stronger of the true church that I belong to.

We got a referral a while ago from a member in Indianapolis. He wanted us to talk to his mom but he said he would give us his OK to go when he had talked to her. Well, he called us on Friday and said he was ready for us to go see her. So we called her first to set up an appointment. Well, she is prepared! We basically taught her right there on the phone and she cried and cried telling us how bad she needs this. We are going over there on Wednesday to officially meet her. I’m so grateful. “The field is white, all ready to harvest”. The strength of this man to talk to his mother and follow the spirit is truly inspiring.

We had specialized training this week. It was SO GOOD! We talked about the prayer of faith and related it to Ether 3:2-5. Hopefully sometime this week I can make a copy of it so that I can send it out for next week. We have been trying to use the prayer of faith more and the spirit has been with us a lot more. I’m so grateful for the examples and the lessons that I learn from reading the scriptures. We’ve seen a lot of miracles this week and they are continuing to happen.

God is good. I hope you can all recognize His hand in your life this week.
I love you.
Love, Sister Watko 🙂


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