Three’s Company


So my companions are Sister Hart and Sister Riggs. They are so awesome. I love them so much already. Being in a trio is hard and I’m still trying to get used to it, but I’m happy I at least love my companions to make it a little easier.

It’s been a stressful week trying to take over 2 whole areas. We are still trying to get things organized and still be able to see and teach people. We will get it eventually. It’ll take some time but with the Lord’s help we will be able to set Monroe on fire!

Elder Cardon from the 70 came to our mission on Thursday. It was pretty cool. I learned a lot! He taught us how to help people to pray and how to teach them to pray. He also taught us about commitments and how we need to keep our own commitments to be able to leave effective commitments with others. I was rebuked and had to repent. We were asked to write a 3 minute talk about what the Lord has taught us about following the spirit while on our missions. The week was really hectic and I was super stressed (not a good excuse, I know) so I wrote the talk 30 minutes before the meeting started. The whole point of us writing the talk was for us to reflect on the question and the preparation part… not the actual giving it part. He was comparing it to what we do with our investigators. It could have been a really good experience for me, but I chose to procrastinate and not put a lot of effort into it. I learned a really good lesson, though. I have since pondered on the question and wrote a 3 minute talk on what the Lord has taught me about following the Spirit.

This morning we studied at Lake Erie. We got up 15 minutes early to go and watch the sunrise. And then we sat and studied and sang on the “beach”. It was so beautiful!!! God loves us sooo much!

I gotta go.

I love you all so much!!

O, remember, remember… The church is true!!!!!

Love, Sister Watko 🙂

Staying in Monroe and taking over the Elders’ area


So first things first: I’m staying in Monroe!!!!!!!!!!! AND I’m taking over ALL of Monroe county! They took the Elders out and my companion is leaving. I will be getting 2 new companions. I’m so excited!! Well, not so much about being in a trio, but I’ll just have to learn to deal with that. But I’m stoked about having the whole area to ourselves. I have my work cut out for me. Many more miracles are about to happen. I can’t wait!

Sister Pawlecki’s baptism yesterday went so good! Her son and his family came up from Indiana so that he could baptize and confirm her. And her catholic son and born again Christian daughter came with their families to support their mom. It was so neat. She had her whole family there except for one granddaughter who is an atheist and one grandson who is on a mission! Everyone was crying and the spirit was just so strong. We visited her last night and we asked her how she felt and she was at a loss for words until she said “I feel happy.”. That’s what the gospel brings. She did the right thing and I’m so proud of her. It was a wonderful day.

We got a member referral last week and we taught her at that members house on Saturday night. The lesson went pretty well. It would have gone better if we weren’t getting transfer calls that night. We were so stressed. But the spirit helped us out and we were able to answer her questions and teach her effectively. She is so sweet and is looking for truth. She takes everything literally so we have to be careful about the way we word things. She has a hard time understanding the Holy Ghost but she’ll get it eventually. She is awesome, and with the member’s help she will progress!

We went to a bible study this week with Sister Pawlecki. That was interesting. None of the old ladies really wanted us there but we totally taught the Restoration and brought the spirit in and they loved us!! It was pretty sweet! And Sister Pawlecki testified and invited them all to her baptism. None of them came but they were all so excited for her. And she refused coffee and everyone was so surprised. She’s awesome.

Well, I have a lot to do. I pray that Heavenly Father will strengthen me this next transfer. I’m so excited for the adventures that will be coming my way.

Love, Sister Watko 🙂

D&C 18:15 – “…how great shall be your joy…”


Tyree got baptized yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!!! The man who baptized him has been inactive for about 15 years and recently came back and received the priesthood. So it was his first baptism. He was so excited. And remember Kristal? LaRon’s girlfriend that we haven’t seen in almost a month cuz she lives in Ohio? She came to church and the baptism! It was so good to see her. We went to see Ty on Saturday night just to see how he was doing and to share our excitement with him. He wasn’t too excited… haha. He was so nervous! And at church he was still so nervous. But after the baptism and confirmation he was literally a new person. He was excited. In his own words “It feels like I went to football practice, came home and slept for 3 days, and just woke up! I’m so relaxed and energized!”. Haha. He’s so cute. And him and his dad are both doing missionary work at school and work. They are on fire and on the path to Eternal Life.
I think the coolest thing about the whole thing was how I felt. I was so happy. But I was thinking back to when I was in Grand Blanc and our investigator Brandon, who hadn’t been to church in YEARS and who never prayed, finally prayed. And it was the same happy feeling. Two completely different situations, but they both got closer to Christ and the Spirit was so strong both times.
Another miracle…..
So remember how I said that our investigator, Sister Pawlecki, will be ready soon? Apparently soon is now. We taught her on Monday night and then again on Wednesday. The lessons went really well but we were kind of bummed because it felt like she just couldn’t take in everything we were saying. She wants to know everything there is to know about the church. Well, Wednesday was a really good day!! (It flooded too, so that was fun!). And then we woke up Thursday morning and Sister Manufekai and I were both feeling a little down. We didn’t know why. Nothing was wrong, we had a great day the day before, and we were confused. Well, after studies, all of our appointments for that morning fell through. So as we were about to pray to decide what to do, we get a text from Sister Pawlecki. It said “I have something I need to talk to you about”. We were freaking out because the night before we had been really bold in our lesson and almost asked her to be baptized, but neither of us were really feeling it. Anyway, so after we read the text, we call her immediately cuz we thought she was going to drop us. Sister Manufekai and I are standing in the kitchen when Sis. Pawlecki says “I wanted to talk to you both, because I want to get baptized.”. We were just staring at each other, not saying anything. That is why we were feeling funky and why all of our appointments cancelled. Satan knew something great was about to happen. So we went straight to her house. She said that she had talked to her son (who is a member) and had been praying all night. And when she woke up, the thought just came to her that said “What are you waiting for?”. She knew that that was her answer. We committed her to be baptized on the 21st…. yes, that’s this week. But we felt that she’s ready. We just have to finish teaching her the lessons. Her hold ups: Coffee and E-cigarettes. So far, she’s been 3 and half days with out coffee and has had 2 puffs of her cigarette in the last 2 days. So she’s doing really well! Her interview with our mission president is on Wednesday. She came to church on Sunday and to the baptism. She also got a blessing to help her with the WOW. The best part about it is that her grandson who is on a mission is probably SO happy. I’m so happy for him. The difference that he’s made in his family’s life so exciting. I’m excited for him to find out that his grandma is getting baptized. We are just praying so hard that she’ll be ready for Sunday. God is in control.
I can tell that this week is going to be tough. The last week of the transfer. Satan doesn’t want us to succeed and I know he’s going to try to do everything he can to get us down. I’m relying on prayer to get me through this week. Miracles happen and I just need to doubt my doubts before I doubt my faith. As long as I follow the spirit, God will work out everything the way it’s supposed to. I would much appreciate your prayers for Sister Manufekai and I and for Sister Pawlecki.
Thanks! I love you lots! Mwah!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

A Missionary Life…

Hello everyone!

This week has been crazy.

On Wednesday we met with our new investigator, Sister Pawlecki. She’s awesome. The poor girl is so confused and just wants to know the truth. She has so many questions, it’s good, but it’s hard because she wants to know everything and we can’t just shove everything into her brain. It will make her more confused. We keep telling her to take it one step, one day at a time. She will eventually come to know. She came to church and she loved it. Relief Society loved her! Everyone was explaining and answering her questions for her. And she cried all through testimony meeting. She’ll be ready soon :).

Ty is hopefully (prayerfully) still getting baptized this week. He had his interview yesterday and there was some miscommunication and confusion. He will be re-interviewed sometime this week. As for now he is still going to take his first step to Eternal Life this Sunday. He is so excited. He wanted to do it yesterday but we told him that we didn’t have everything prepared. Haha. We’re going too slow for him. It’s cool too because his dad is so excited. We asked him if he would like to give a talk at his baptism and he said no because he was going to be too emotional. So cute. They almost didn’t make it to church yesterday because their car broke down on Friday. We were calling everyone to see if they could give them a ride to church but nobody was answering. Finally our ward mission leader told us he could go get them. And they live almost 20 minutes away from the church. Another miracle in disguise: We didn’t have bread for the sacrament. So we did testimonies first and had the sacrament at the end. Everyone who we felt needed it the most came in late to church. So they were able to take the sacrament. God works in mysterious ways.

We had a HUGE storm on Friday night. Our power went out and didn’t come back on until about 1:30 on Saturday. We heard that in Detroit people are still out of power. It was pretty crazy.

I love the spirit and what it guides us to do. God doesn’t lie, so never doubt a spiritual prompting.
I have come to learn that if it is a good thing to do, then do it because it’s most likely the spirit. But it’s hard when you have to choose between 2 good things. Then that’s where faith comes in and you have to choose one and trust that God will take care of everything. I had to do a lot of that this week. It’s scary, but God is in control and He will let things happen the way he wants things to happen.

Read the Book of Mormon.
I love you!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂