Joy and happiness can be yours


We are having a baptism next month. I’m praying everything works out. So remember the family I talked about last week? Well, we weren’t able to see them this week and I was really bothered by it. Especially because they didn’t even have a Book of Mormon yet. So we were praying and praying that they would come to church on Sunday. Well, Sacrament meeting started and no show. Then the sacrament started, and still no show. Then I was eating my bread and Sister Manufekai whispers “They’re here”. And I turn and there are the 3 boys walking into the chapel!!! I was so happy. After sacrament meeting Laron (The dad) had to go because he got a new job and started that day. But we really wanted his son to stay. So we asked if he could and a member would take him home. Ty (the son) really wanted to stay so Laron said it would be ok. He loved church. We got to talk to Laron before he left and told him we would stop by later that night to give them each a Book of Mormon. Kristal (the girlfriend) wasn’t at church. She was in Toledo fulfilling a previous commitment she had made. We were sad she wasn’t there but Laron told her hi for us and hopefully we will see her this week. So anyway, we went to their house later that night. And because Kristal wasn’t there we had to sit outside. My legs are covered in mosquito bites. But it doesn’t even matter because the Spirit overpowered anything that went wrong. We gave them the Book of Mormon, testified of it and Jesus Christ and then invited Ty to get baptized on September 14. He was nodding his head yes before we could even finish the question. We explained what baptism was a little bit so he knew what he was saying yes too. We would love for Laron to baptize him but we’re not sure that he’ll be ready by then. Ty is so ready though. He said that when he was in priesthood class he was thinking to himself about baptism and wondering if he ever had been or if he wanted to. So he said that when we asked him, it confirmed his feelings. The spirit is so great. We could literally SEE Ty feeling the spirit last night. The spirit is the best gift that Heavenly Father has ever given me. I am not perfect at recognizing it or at following it, but I strive to do better everyday. It is a taste of eternal joy and feeling it can bring you more happiness than anything else. Ty and his dad could not stop smiling last night.

I also got to go to the temple this week. I just love that place so much. It truly is the Lord’s house. I’ve never felt so close to my Father in Heaven. I’ve never gotten so many answers to my prayers either. Go to the temple. Be worthy to go to the temple.

The church is true.
Everything is possible through Jesus Christ. He is our Savior. He loves you so much. Love Him back. Live the gospel. Be happy.
I love you.

Love, Sister Watko šŸ™‚


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