Alma 28:8 “incomprehensible joy”‏

Hello everyone!!!!

This week was so amazing.

Monday: We had family home evening with a recent convert family. There are 4 kids ages 12-1. Usually they are crazy and all over the place. We can barely get a lesson in. So we decided to watch the Restoration movie and see if that got their attention. It did! Everyone was sitting down quietly, eating popcorn, for the whole movie! Even the 12 year old boy started crying. So precious.

Tuesday: We received a media referral… Usually those things never work out. Well, we went to his house and nobody answered. It was super sketchy and there were like 10 cats outside. So we left and called the number. He answered. His name is Laron. He told us he wanted to meet with us. I asked why and he said that he’s actually a member and fell away from the church in his late teens. So we set up an appointment for Thursday. (To be continued)

Wednesday: We have a less-active that works at the mall. We can’t go to her apartment cuz the guy she lives with wont let us come. But while we were at the mall we saw our neighbor, David, who also works at the mall. He’s Indian. And mean. But he loves us! Usually he cusses non-stop but he only swore once and then apologized for it. Then he invited us to dinner because he makes amazing curry.

Thursday: We contacted the media referral. We went to his house with a recently reactivated member who also fell away from the church in his teens. So we met Laron, his girlfriend Kristal-who lives with him, and his 16 year old son Tyree. He has 2 more sons, 7 and 8, but they weren’t there. So we go in and he just starts teaching his girlfriend basically. He has such a strong testimony! Kristal was pretty skeptical. She was crying and saying that she was scared. She didn’t want him to move on without her and stuff. Well, the lesson was all over the place but the spirit was really strong. Tyree was really interested. We committed them to read the Restoration pamphlet and pray about it. Kristal warmed up to us and she invited us back on Saturday. The best part about that lesson was that they were all saying how they needed to change their lives. They said that this is what they need to start new and make things right. I was literally sitting in a room of repentance. Spiritual high.

Friday: I was kinda depressed in the morning. I know stupid. I don’t know why. But I haven’t been to the temple in a while and I really need it. So Sister Manufekai called President Gerber for me and he was actually in Monroe visiting with the Elders. So he made a stop over to our apartment. I asked if I could go to the temple and they said yes! So I get to go on Thursday :). Then President gave me a blessing. The most perfect blessing. He said everything I needed. I also got another blessing later that day by our district leader’s companion. It was cool cuz the blessings were very similar. It just shows that they are from God and not man. 2 in one day. Best ever :).
We taught our investigator Rose. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned her before. She has no legs and is paralyzed on one side of her body. We read the talk “Hope ya know, we had a hard time” by Elder Cook. She loved it a lot and wants to reach out to others so she’s not always wallowing in self pity. She also told us how God answered her prayers earlier that week by sending someone to her to pick her up when she was sad.

Saturday: We saw our neighbor David again at the mall. We were talking about missions and he said he would never be able to do it. And I said “David you would do what we do if you knew what we knew.” And then he asked “What do you know?” And we said let us tell you! And then a customer came up so that’s as far as we got. But we set up a time to have dinner with him the next night.
Then we saw Kristal and Tyree. Laron wasn’t there cuz he had to work but that was ok because the lesson was PERFECT! Kristal said that the night we left her and Laron got in a fight because of something that happened with their son. Kristal ended up drinking the whole next day. So on Saturday she was really sick and almost was going to call us and cancel. But she prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help her feel better. And so He did. We taught the Restoration. It was more organized this time. When we taught about how the gospel blesses families Kristal started crying and said that it’s been a long time coming and that this is what their little family needs. We taught the rest of the lesson and then asked if we could all kneel down so that she could pray and ask God if this is the path that she needs to be taking. And then we told her that we were all going to be quiet for a little bit after so that she could listen for an answer. She cried through the whole prayer. Everyone was crying. Except me. Cuz there is something wrong with me…. I was crying inside though!! Then after we sat there for a little bit she says “I’m so happy”. She couldn’t wait until Laron got home so that she could hug him and tell him everything that just happened. I can’t even tell you how I felt. I’ve never felt so good in my life. That feeling is why I came on a mission. That feeling is why we needed to come to earth. Everyone needs to have that feeling. I wish I could describe it, but I can’t. They asked for the address to the church so that they could go the next day. We left their house just so… happy! That’s the only word I can think to use.
Then later that night we saw a less-active family who is super cool.

Sunday: We walked into church and guess who was there?? Laron, Kristal, Tyree, and their 7 year old! They LOVED it!! Everyone was so nice to them and they participated in their classes. They told the bishop that they will definitely be back next week. Yay!!
Then we had curry in the hallway with an Indian. We can’t go into his apartment because he’s a man. So we ate in the hallway… it was kinda awkward but that’s missionary life. And then we talked to him about Jesus Christ. He didn’t really want to talk about it but we did anyway. He opened up to us and we got to know him better so that we can talk to him about the gospel more.

What a great week. Miracles everywhere. God is so good. The spirit is SO good. I want to feel it for my whole life!!!
Thank you for everything. I love you.
The church is true.

Love, Sister Watko 🙂


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