Choose your attitude…choose to be happy!

Hey everyone!

So this e-mail is going to be pretty short. Sorry about that!

This week was pretty good. We had zone meeting on Wednesday. It was so good. I think the biggest thing I got out of it was that we choose to be happy. And that it’s by our choices that determine that happiness. I saw that a lot this week. When we are obedient, and know our purpose and do all that we can to accomplish that purpose, then we can be happy. No matter the circumstances. This work can bring more satisfaction than anything. But only if I choose to let it. I’m so grateful to be able to be set apart as a full-time missionary. It is an honor.

We saw a potential investigator that we met a few weeks ago. When we met her, we talked to her for about 3 minutes. So we went to her house this week so we could actually get a good lesson in. Well, we got there and she talked and didn’t breathe for about an hour. She told us her whole life story. Keep in mind she barely knows us. So finally at the end we spit out that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that the Gospel blesses families. And we asked her to read the pamphlet. Then we said a prayer with her. It was gross because while she was talking, she was eating a hamburger and it was really messy. So when we said the prayer, she wanted to hold hands, but her hands were covered in nastiness. So we held her wrists. Bleh! This lady is crazy and Heavenly Father loves her SO much!

Well, I have to go. I love you all!
The church is true! Don’t forget to recognize the Lord’s hand everyday.

Love, Sister Watko


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