Transferred to Monroe, Michigan

Hey hey!

So I’m in Monroe. Which is practically Ohio. My address is 1634 Lorain St. #204 Monroe, MI 48162 We have the lowest point in our mission. It’s by Lake Erie too. My companion is Sister Manufekai. This is how you say it: My New Fake Eye. She’s from LA. She’s Tongan. She’s crazy and loud but so awesome! I really love her! This is a really tough area and she has been here for almost 6 months. It was so hard to leave Grand Blanc, but Heavenly Father has shown me many times throughout this week why I need to be here in Monroe. He will take care of Grand Blanc.

We had a really busy week. Right when we got in the area we helped a family move. And I’ve helped 2 more families move in the past week. We do a lot of service which is awesome! There is this family in the ward who used to be less-active. The mom hardly speaks English so it’s fun to learn some Spanish. I’ll be able to talk with you, Dad and Jordan, by the time I’m done here :). So this family is Mexican, obviously. And the brother who we’re teaching, who has recently come back to church, reminds me a lot of Jordan. He’s super funny but super annoying. He’s cool. He’s 26 though. And then the sister who is 12 years old reminds me of the Rios girls. She’s so cute! I asked her yesterday if she wanted to go on a mission and she looked at me and said “Is that even a question? Of course!”. I love that family!

It’s crazy because Monroe is totally different than anywhere in Michigan. There are still no sidewalks. But even the weather feels different. Probably because we’re close to the lake. There’s lots of drugs down here. And this is the first place I’ve seen so many Mexicans. Instead of Asians.

The ward is SO small! Well, there are about 400 people in the ward but only about 90 people come to church. And Sister Manufekai has reactivated like 5 families in the time she’s been here. Sad huh? It’s ok cuz we’ll work on it some more. But it’s really hard because the ward doesn’t like the missionaries very much. I guess they’ve been offended and felt pushed in the past, so we have to earn back their trust. Our Bishop and Ward Mission Leader are awesome though.

I was having a hard time when we first got here because I had just come from an area that was doing really well, where I was happy. And then I was told that this area is really hard and all this stuff about it. Luckily, we had interviews with our mission president the next day, so I got to talk to him and he made me feel better. He said that Sister Manufekai has done a lot for this ward in the time she’s been here. She’s had 4 different companions since she’s been here. But we decided that we’re going to kind of start from scratch. Pretend like we’re both new here. We have already worked so hard and we both can tell that miracles are going to happen. I’m excited to get to know and love the people here. President gave me a few suggestions to help me, and I can already see the change in my attitude.

Change is so hard. But it’s life and it’s for our own good. I’m excited to be here! I like new adventures! πŸ™‚

Plus, the church is true everywhere!


Love, Sister Watko πŸ™‚


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