Say Goodbye to Grand Blanc


Well, I’m leaving Grand Blanc… :(. This area is so great and I’m sad (obviously) to leave it. But I am excited to go to a new area and meet new people and have new adventures. Transfers take a lot of trust in Heavenly Father. They’re hard. But He knows what’s best. 
So this week was pretty good! On Wednesday we didn’t have any appointments in the morning so we went tracting. And Sister Heywood and I were not in the best of moods. We really didn’t want to go knocking and we were definitely murmuring. Well, the second door we knock on: new investigator. The next door: new investigator. A few doors down from that: taught a lesson, gave pamphlet, invited her to church. Last door we knocked on: potential. God showed us. I guess those four people really needed to hear the gospel. I’m so grateful that I chose to use my agency wisely and did something I didn’t want to do, but knew I needed to . 
I got to sit in a 6 seater airplane on Tuesday! So this couple in the ward invited us to dinner. We had never met them before. When we looked up their address it said they lived in an airport. So we called them to see if we had the right address. We asked if they lived by an airport and she was like “no, we live in an airport.” Just so matter-of-factly. So then we’re thinking we’re gonna have to go through security and stuff and we were so confused! Well, we get there and they literally have a runway in their backyard and a plane in their garage!! He owns a plane. And we got to sit in it and learn how to fly it. I don’t think flying planes is allowed when you’re a missionary, so we didn’t fly it. But it was so cool! This guy can just fly anywhere he wants. 
Guess who we saw yesterday??????? JOHN AND LISA AND EMILY! It has been a little under 2 months since we have seen them. I’m so glad I got to see them before I left. They let me take pictures with them. I hope that they get to see them more often this next transfer.
So our investigator Brandon was out of town this week. We saw him on Monday and then we didn’t see him until Saturday. I would just like to say: THE GOSPEL CHANGES LIVES. He didn’t take his Book of Mormon with him and he had no interaction with the gospel at all. He was in a bad mood and smoked like 6 cigarettes in an hour. Which is unusual for him. It is so cool to see how much living the gospel, even just a little bit, can make life so much better! 
I bailed hay this week. It was hard. And hot. But if you ever need to know how to do it… I can help! 
Well, I gotta go pack. Thanks for all the prayers and support. The church is true! 
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

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