Choose your attitude…choose to be happy!

Hey everyone!

So this e-mail is going to be pretty short. Sorry about that!

This week was pretty good. We had zone meeting on Wednesday. It was so good. I think the biggest thing I got out of it was that we choose to be happy. And that it’s by our choices that determine that happiness. I saw that a lot this week. When we are obedient, and know our purpose and do all that we can to accomplish that purpose, then we can be happy. No matter the circumstances. This work can bring more satisfaction than anything. But only if I choose to let it. I’m so grateful to be able to be set apart as a full-time missionary. It is an honor.

We saw a potential investigator that we met a few weeks ago. When we met her, we talked to her for about 3 minutes. So we went to her house this week so we could actually get a good lesson in. Well, we got there and she talked and didn’t breathe for about an hour. She told us her whole life story. Keep in mind she barely knows us. So finally at the end we spit out that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that the Gospel blesses families. And we asked her to read the pamphlet. Then we said a prayer with her. It was gross because while she was talking, she was eating a hamburger and it was really messy. So when we said the prayer, she wanted to hold hands, but her hands were covered in nastiness. So we held her wrists. Bleh! This lady is crazy and Heavenly Father loves her SO much!

Well, I have to go. I love you all!
The church is true! Don’t forget to recognize the Lord’s hand everyday.

Love, Sister Watko


Sharing and Serving


I got a haircut on Wednesday. Wanna know why? Cuz a member gave us a referral to his hair cutter lady and so he told us to go get a hair cut and talk to her. So I did. And she was asking lots of questions about us and stuff. I invited her to take the lessons but she said she’d call us. And that she would try to make it to church sometime.

So we have this recent convert, Ms. Debbie, who got baptized in April. Her 35 year old son takes care of her and he is not a member. He likes us though. Usually when we get there he prays with us then goes back in his room until we leave. But this week, he stayed out and talked to us and let us share some scriptures with him. He opened up a lot and we got to know more about what his issues are. It was cool too because Ms. Debbie said that she didn’t know a lot of the stuff he said, so it was good for her too. After he went back in his room we talked to Ms. Debbie a little bit and she started crying and she said “I know that we’ll be an eternal family someday”. She has so much faith that one day her son will accept the gospel.

We went out contacting on Wednesday and we found some pretty cool people. One lady knew someone we met last week who we will be teaching in 2 weeks. One guy we talked to was a construction worker and we talked to him while he was on the machine thing that fixes roads. We were like yelling cuz it was so loud.

We played soccer with some little kids this week. Well, I basically just stood there while they played around me cuz I didn’t want to mess up their game for them. Those kids are so good!

Sidenote: Details on the world cup??

Saturday was a rough day. Our bodies kinda just gave up on us. We were so tired and Satan was doing everything to get us to stop working. But we did what we could.

We got a referral from a recent convert in Tennessee. She sounds golden. We are just waiting to see when we get to meet with her. She said she feels like there is some sort of emptiness in her life. I wonder why….?

Well, I gotta go. But I just want you all to know that I know that the church is true. It’s where we can find lasting joy. Life is hard, but the gospel solves all problems. Live it. It WILL help. Jesus Christ is our Savior. He loves you. And so do I.

Love, Sister Watko

Transferred to Monroe, Michigan

Hey hey!

So I’m in Monroe. Which is practically Ohio. My address is 1634 Lorain St. #204 Monroe, MI 48162 We have the lowest point in our mission. It’s by Lake Erie too. My companion is Sister Manufekai. This is how you say it: My New Fake Eye. She’s from LA. She’s Tongan. She’s crazy and loud but so awesome! I really love her! This is a really tough area and she has been here for almost 6 months. It was so hard to leave Grand Blanc, but Heavenly Father has shown me many times throughout this week why I need to be here in Monroe. He will take care of Grand Blanc.

We had a really busy week. Right when we got in the area we helped a family move. And I’ve helped 2 more families move in the past week. We do a lot of service which is awesome! There is this family in the ward who used to be less-active. The mom hardly speaks English so it’s fun to learn some Spanish. I’ll be able to talk with you, Dad and Jordan, by the time I’m done here :). So this family is Mexican, obviously. And the brother who we’re teaching, who has recently come back to church, reminds me a lot of Jordan. He’s super funny but super annoying. He’s cool. He’s 26 though. And then the sister who is 12 years old reminds me of the Rios girls. She’s so cute! I asked her yesterday if she wanted to go on a mission and she looked at me and said “Is that even a question? Of course!”. I love that family!

It’s crazy because Monroe is totally different than anywhere in Michigan. There are still no sidewalks. But even the weather feels different. Probably because we’re close to the lake. There’s lots of drugs down here. And this is the first place I’ve seen so many Mexicans. Instead of Asians.

The ward is SO small! Well, there are about 400 people in the ward but only about 90 people come to church. And Sister Manufekai has reactivated like 5 families in the time she’s been here. Sad huh? It’s ok cuz we’ll work on it some more. But it’s really hard because the ward doesn’t like the missionaries very much. I guess they’ve been offended and felt pushed in the past, so we have to earn back their trust. Our Bishop and Ward Mission Leader are awesome though.

I was having a hard time when we first got here because I had just come from an area that was doing really well, where I was happy. And then I was told that this area is really hard and all this stuff about it. Luckily, we had interviews with our mission president the next day, so I got to talk to him and he made me feel better. He said that Sister Manufekai has done a lot for this ward in the time she’s been here. She’s had 4 different companions since she’s been here. But we decided that we’re going to kind of start from scratch. Pretend like we’re both new here. We have already worked so hard and we both can tell that miracles are going to happen. I’m excited to get to know and love the people here. President gave me a few suggestions to help me, and I can already see the change in my attitude.

Change is so hard. But it’s life and it’s for our own good. I’m excited to be here! I like new adventures! 🙂

Plus, the church is true everywhere!


Love, Sister Watko 🙂

Say Goodbye to Grand Blanc


Well, I’m leaving Grand Blanc… :(. This area is so great and I’m sad (obviously) to leave it. But I am excited to go to a new area and meet new people and have new adventures. Transfers take a lot of trust in Heavenly Father. They’re hard. But He knows what’s best. 
So this week was pretty good! On Wednesday we didn’t have any appointments in the morning so we went tracting. And Sister Heywood and I were not in the best of moods. We really didn’t want to go knocking and we were definitely murmuring. Well, the second door we knock on: new investigator. The next door: new investigator. A few doors down from that: taught a lesson, gave pamphlet, invited her to church. Last door we knocked on: potential. God showed us. I guess those four people really needed to hear the gospel. I’m so grateful that I chose to use my agency wisely and did something I didn’t want to do, but knew I needed to . 
I got to sit in a 6 seater airplane on Tuesday! So this couple in the ward invited us to dinner. We had never met them before. When we looked up their address it said they lived in an airport. So we called them to see if we had the right address. We asked if they lived by an airport and she was like “no, we live in an airport.” Just so matter-of-factly. So then we’re thinking we’re gonna have to go through security and stuff and we were so confused! Well, we get there and they literally have a runway in their backyard and a plane in their garage!! He owns a plane. And we got to sit in it and learn how to fly it. I don’t think flying planes is allowed when you’re a missionary, so we didn’t fly it. But it was so cool! This guy can just fly anywhere he wants. 
Guess who we saw yesterday??????? JOHN AND LISA AND EMILY! It has been a little under 2 months since we have seen them. I’m so glad I got to see them before I left. They let me take pictures with them. I hope that they get to see them more often this next transfer.
So our investigator Brandon was out of town this week. We saw him on Monday and then we didn’t see him until Saturday. I would just like to say: THE GOSPEL CHANGES LIVES. He didn’t take his Book of Mormon with him and he had no interaction with the gospel at all. He was in a bad mood and smoked like 6 cigarettes in an hour. Which is unusual for him. It is so cool to see how much living the gospel, even just a little bit, can make life so much better! 
I bailed hay this week. It was hard. And hot. But if you ever need to know how to do it… I can help! 
Well, I gotta go pack. Thanks for all the prayers and support. The church is true! 
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂