A Great Big Kiss


So this week has been super cool with our investigator, Brandon. So Brandon has been to jail 3 times. He smokes, he drinks, he swears worse than a sailor, and he hasn’t been to any church in like 6 years. He would never pray because every time he did, something bad would happen. He is also not a reader. Well, since we’ve been teaching him, he’s been to church 3 times, he’s been praying, and he missed church yesterday and felt guilty about it so he finally read a page of the Book of Mormon! He still drinks and smokes and swears, but there is a total difference in the way he acts. Just looking at him and having one conversation with him you would just see some “BA” guy. But he has felt the spirit, he has a desire to come closer to Christ, and he is changing. Very slowly… but its happening! It’s a miracle!
I thought we were going to be able to see John and Lisa this week, but he had to work late, so we didn’t get to see them :(. That was hard.
The primary kids sang in church yesterday. There is this little boy with autism and he is so cute. So he was in the front cuz he’s little. And they sang the song where they give their dad a great big kiss mwah! And then they sang another song. Then when they were all going down to their seats, Jared, the little boy, yells “A GREAT BIG KISS MWAH!” Then he grabs the music directors face and kisses her on the stand. It was so funny!!!!!!! So cute! We are going out to lunch with that family today so I’m excited :).

We will be riding bikes a lot this week. We keep trying to remind ourselves that we’ll be tan and skinny. It’s not worth it to me. Haha.
I have to get going. I love you all. I know the church is true. It just is. Pray about it and you’ll know too!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

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