Happy Birthday!!!!

I’m not a teenager anymore. I don’t know how I feel about it. My mission President called me this morning and told me I can be mature now instead of being a smart alec… I don’t know what that means. It was sweet of him to call me though. Thanks everyone else who wished me a happy birthday. This year is definitely going to be one I remember. 

So here’s the best birthday present I could have ever asked for. So our investigator Brandon. I think I’ve mentioned him before. He never prayed because something bad would always happen, he wouldn’t even pick up the Book of Mormon, and he would have a hard time coming to church because he always went to the bar on Saturday night. Well the last few times we have gone over to teach him, it’s been pretty chill. He doesn’t do good with people telling him what to do. So we’ve been taking things slow, but making sure he feels the Spirit. So on Friday night, we went over and as we were about to leave we asked, like we always do, if he would like to say the prayer. And he said sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he prayed and talked to God and told Him that he loves Him! It was the sweetest prayer! And then he came to church yesterday and read a page of the Book of Mormon! Things are going really slowly with him but they are going! It’s so cool to see the change in him. And another plus: he only smoked one cigarette while we were there instead of 2 or 3. 🙂  Happy Birthday to me!! Oh and he made me cupcakes after church and we are going over tonight to eat them. He most definitely feels the Spirit. 
It’s the last week of the transfer. I’m freakin out already. But I’m praying really hard for me to be ok with whatever happens. It’ll happen for a reason. 
My favorite family moved out of the ward this week. That was sad. And our ward mission leader got released. Maybe these changes are happening so that it will be easier for me to leave. The silly thing is that I don’t even know if I will be leaving. I just need to calm down. 
My companion had her 1 year temple trip this week so I spent the day with another sister. Wanna hear a cool story? So we were tracting and at this one house they had a little welcome sign. And a bird was sitting on it. I went to go pet it, knowing it would fly away as I got close. But it didn’t! It let me pet him. And it flinched a little bit, but it never flew away! Then I stopped petting it, and it pooped, and flew away. Haha. But I got to pet a wild bird! 
This week I have been really grateful to be a missionary. There are bad parts to each day. But the good things that happen, totally overpower those bad things. I’m trying to live with no regrets and just do my very best everyday. I love being the Lord’s instrument. 
I know that the Church is true. 
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

A Great Big Kiss


So this week has been super cool with our investigator, Brandon. So Brandon has been to jail 3 times. He smokes, he drinks, he swears worse than a sailor, and he hasn’t been to any church in like 6 years. He would never pray because every time he did, something bad would happen. He is also not a reader. Well, since we’ve been teaching him, he’s been to church 3 times, he’s been praying, and he missed church yesterday and felt guilty about it so he finally read a page of the Book of Mormon! He still drinks and smokes and swears, but there is a total difference in the way he acts. Just looking at him and having one conversation with him you would just see some “BA” guy. But he has felt the spirit, he has a desire to come closer to Christ, and he is changing. Very slowly… but its happening! It’s a miracle!
I thought we were going to be able to see John and Lisa this week, but he had to work late, so we didn’t get to see them :(. That was hard.
The primary kids sang in church yesterday. There is this little boy with autism and he is so cute. So he was in the front cuz he’s little. And they sang the song where they give their dad a great big kiss mwah! And then they sang another song. Then when they were all going down to their seats, Jared, the little boy, yells “A GREAT BIG KISS MWAH!” Then he grabs the music directors face and kisses her on the stand. It was so funny!!!!!!! So cute! We are going out to lunch with that family today so I’m excited :).

We will be riding bikes a lot this week. We keep trying to remind ourselves that we’ll be tan and skinny. It’s not worth it to me. Haha.
I have to get going. I love you all. I know the church is true. It just is. Pray about it and you’ll know too!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂


Hey hey!

So Adventures from this week:
-Milking a goat
-Saving a turtle from the middle of the road
-Riding 7 miles on a bike, uphill with the wind against me
-Seeing my companion almost get hit by a car
-Seeing an old man’s butt
-Learning how to bee keep and change a tire
-Learning how to plant spinach
 I think that’s it. Things I never thought I’d learn on a mission. 
Something I really did learn though that will be useful: We had zone conference this week. We learned about testimony and conversion. Although a testimony is great to have, it’s not enough. Eventually we will need to be converted. So this week we have been working on asking our investigators conversion questions to get them to act on what they know. Knowing is great but it doesn’t do much if you don’t do anything about it. I’ve seen that in my own life. 
We rode bikes on Tuesday. I thought I was going to die. But I didn’t. My companion on the other hand almost got hit by a car. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. But everyone was ok. 
Milking a goat is harder than you think. It’s got like a technique to it and aiming it to get into the bowl is difficult. But I got the hang of it eventually. 
We have about 10 investigators. Sometimes I get frustrated and down and wonder why nobody is progressing. But then I think back to when I first got to Grand Blanc and we had zero investigators. I feel so blessed to be teaching the gospel to so many people. I love them all so much and even though they can be frustrating sometimes, I wouldn’t trade them for tracting any day :). 
Oh ya! So remember John and Lisa? Well we haven’t seen them in over a month. They have been so busy and we just haven’t been able to see them. So on Friday we called them again and John answered! We were worried that maybe they had heard something and they didn’t want to meet with us anymore. But he told us to come over this week! So we get to teach them on Friday. It was a miracle. 
Another miracle. So there is this lady who is less active. Her and her husband got baptized about 2-3 years ago. In the last few weeks her husband has been wanting to send a letter to Salt Lake to get their names off the records. She was really upset because she loves the church but he just wont let her go. She has a really strong testimony and does everything she can to keep her testimony. Well, we met with them this week because they wanted us to resolve some concerns he had. (About polygamy, of course). But as we started talking to them they told us that they were rushed into getting baptized. The elder who taught them wanted them baptized before he left so they just did it. (So infuriating). Also, in the ward they were in they were told that they weren’t allowed to be friends with non-members who weren’t investigating the church, they couldn’t have chocolate, and that there was a time limit to when he could receive the priesthood. So we told them that the best thing they can do right now is basically start over. So they agreed to have us over every week and we will start from the beginning, teaching them the lessons. This is a big milestone because the whole 15 weeks I’ve been here I have never even met the husband. And now he’s willing to listen to us. God’s timing is perfect. 
Well, I gotta go. I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
Love, Sister Watko

Milking Goats in Michigan

Hey there!

So this week was pretty awesome. I’ll tell you of 2 miracles first. 
On Thursday morning we went out tracting. I was starving. Like super hungry. So we were planning on eating lunch at 11:30. But we told Heavenly Father that we wanted to teach at least 3 lessons. Well, at first it was a little slow, but then we taught this one super nice catholic guy. Then this other guy who felt bad for turning us down so he just let us talk. At this point, I was about to die of hunger. We needed one more and I didn’t know if I could do it. But Sister Heywood said, let’s just do one more. So we did. And we woke this man up from his morning nap. But he opened the door anyway, and then started to walk away. We were a little confused. But I stepped inside anyway. He didn’t have a shirt on, so he put his shirt on and then asked us if we were going to sit down. So we sat on his couch, told him who we were, asked him a few questions, and then taught him the Restoration. He is retired from the military and he has seen some pretty bad stuff. He doesn’t understand why God would let those kinds of things happen. But we explained to him how much God loves us and that we want to come back to share some more about that with him. So we are going back this week. His name is Michael. He has 6 kids and a wife, so I am praying we will get to teach his whole family!
On Monday we went to Brother Gleason’s to make rings. He’s the one that can only say “Buhtah!” Anyway, he is the BEST missionary ever. A lady came over to take care of him during memorial weekend because his daughter was out of town. And he gave her a Book of Mormon and told us to go visit her. Well, we went to go see her on Tuesday, but a man answered the door and said she wasn’t home. So we taught him instead and he’s a new investigator! He asks all the right questions and he is super curious. But we still wanted to get in contact with this lady. So we called her and she said she isn’t interested, she just didn’t have the heart to tell Brother Gleason. But he did give us that referral for a reason. So we could meet Don :). 
We were outside ALL DAY on Saturday. We did lots of yard work and taught lessons outside. And I have nothing to show for it. I do have a little tan line on my feet from my shoes but that’s from a few weeks. I’m white….
Not much else happened this week. Brandon came to Sacrament Meeting again. Fast Sundays are so stressful when you have people coming to church. You never know what’s going to be said at the pulpit… It was fine though. 
So the 2 new investigators we found this week are both men… I guess that’s what we’re stuck with. We will never teach a woman… haha. It’s ok though, cuz sometimes they are better to teach than girls. 
Well, I’m off to milk some goats! I love you guys! Mwah!
Love, Sister Watko