Don’t Forget Your Umbrella!!


Bethany! You got your Patriarchal Blessing! YAY! Isn’t it the best? I read mine like every other day for studies. 
So this week was interesting. We tracted all day Friday and Saturday. Explanation on the subject: Our door approaches were rough. Some lady told us to not get wet as we were leaving and the words just stumbled out of my mouth. I meant to say “We won’t, we have umbrellas!” but what came out was just mumbling and then umbrellas! We did get to teach a couple of people which were super good lessons. But by Sunday night, I was exhausted and just needed a good cry. It was cool because we just stopped in a neighborhood to relax and get myself back together for a few minutes. As we were sitting there, a member drove up and asked if we wanted to come over for cake cuz it was his birthday. So of course we said yes. The mom and the dad have both served missions so they were really sweet and comforting. They both knew what it was like to have hard days on your mission. It was nice. 
I CANNOT WAIT FOR ELDER HOLLAND TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be such an awesome experience.
Yesterday we ate dinner at a member’s house and she made chicken taquitos. There were green stuff in it. I ate it! And they were actually super good. And she knew about my eating problem, but she made it anyway :). 
Well, not much else happened this week. Like always, I’ll probably remember everything after I get off.
I love you guys. So much. 
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

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