It’s Like Riding a Bike…


So this weeks been pretty good… for the most part. Haha.
On Tuesday we rode bikes ALL DAY! We went on exchanges and we had to ride elders bikes. I probably rode a total of 15 miles and walked about 3. I did an ironman with you dad :). Haha Just Kidding. But the next day it sure felt like it! I have bruises all over my legs (I fell off my huge bike). My butt hurt, and everything was so sore. I’m pretty much all better now, but Tuesday it was pretty miserable.
And then last night we got locked out of our apartment. We were going to go visit a member at like 8:15 and we always lock the bottom one before and then the top one with the key. But when we went to lock the top one… we realized we didn’t have the key. So we sat outside our apartment for 2 and a half hours waiting for someone to let us in. The Elders came and tried to break us in but they couldn’t. It was quite the adventure!
Here’s a funny story! So we were tracting on Wednesday and we knock into this man who is really torn up about his wife’s death in January. So he has a soft heart right now and let us in. We taught him the Restoration and told him he could be with his wife again someday. He liked it and as we were going to leave we ask if we can say a prayer with him. He says sure and he comes in between us on his knees, spreads out his arms and says “Put your hands on my head and anoint me) Sister Heywood and I didn’t know what to do. So we just fold our arms and she prays. Then when we went back to see him he didn’t do that so I think he got the hint. But it’s all ok because he came to church on Sunday and in Sunday School we learned about the priesthood so I think he understands now. He’s super cool. He’s just a little confused in some spots. Nothing we can’t take care of.
I got to go to the temple on Thursday!!!!!! It was so good!!! I needed it so much! And I got to see lots of missionary friends 🙂
Mothers Day is going to be so good! Sister Heywood and I are going to make dinner for our Relief Society President. Her mother is gone and she wasn’t able to have kids so she is going to be our mother for the day. And she’s letting us skype our families at her house too :).
That’s all I can remember right now.
I can’t wait to SEE you on Sunday! Love you!!!!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

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