Did you hear the missionary age changed to 14!?


So I’ll explain my subject line first. Sister Heywood is about 2 feet shorter than me. She looks really young. She turned 20 a couple of weeks ago though. We have had MANY experiences where everyone keeps asking US (because just asking her would be rude) if we are adults. The usual guess for how old she is is 14. It’s really hilarious! It happened like 10 times this week!
We had kind of a slow week. But it was still awesome! 
So remember that guy who came to church last week who hadn’t been for like 6 years? Well we are teaching him now and its awesome! He is really stubborn and kinda like an annoying older brother (not you Jordan). I have a ton of faith about him though, that eventually, he’ll accept the gospel.
We had interviews on Wednesday with President Gerber. Sister Gerber gave us an instruction and we studied 1 Nephi 2-3. It was so cool. Those chapters show how much the Lord knows us and wants to help us. But he still gives us our agency :). 
Oh we had a super weird miracle this week! So we are super low on miles for this month so we have been trying our hardest to save them with still going out to work. On Friday we had a lesson with John and Lisa and before that we were with a member who lives kind of by them. So it would have been a waste to go all the way back up to our apartment to get food and then all they way back down to where we were. So we went out. Well we sat down, ate our food, and went up to go pay. We hadn’t noticed that it was a cash only place. Sister Heywood doesn’t carry cash with her. So I get out mine and we both count 8 dollars. We figured it couldn’t be much more than that. So the lady runs up our total and it’s 10.44. I give her the 8 dollars and start fishing for coins. She was like you’ve got 10 dollars here. And both of us looked up and said, at the same time, what? She was like Yeah there’s ten dollars. I just need 44 more cents. So we don’t know if we just both counted wrong or if God literally put 2 dollars in the ladies’ hand. But either way it was a miracle. 
Then we went to John and Lisa’s and invited them to pray about being baptized. We’ll see how that goes this week :). But the both read the Book of Mormon on their own!
Well, that’s about it. Don’t forget to write me! I love you so much! MWAH!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂 

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