New Companion; Lesson of Hope; Unforgettable Stake Conference

This week has been so good and there is so much to say, so here I go.

So my new companion, Sister Heywood, is so crazy. She is so funny! I don’t think I have stopped laughing this week. She is crazy but she is still very obedient and diligent. We get work done. We teach really well together too. She is from Los Angeles. She reminds me a lot of Tari. She’s short too. (No offense, Tar). 
So we saw our investigators, John and Lisa, twice this week. We got to teach them about the Plan of Salvation and how one day Emily’s body will be perfect. It’s really cool because you can tell when Emily is feeling the spirit. She screams when she is excited and she was really loud before and after the lesson but during it, she was silent. I love this family so much and I am so excited for them to truly accept the gospel and find peace in their life. 
On Saturday we wanted to teach some lessons so we went tracting. We felt like we should tract a street but it was a pretty busy street so we parked in a RiteAid and then went to cross a busy intersection with no cross-walk. As we were about to cross the street a car honked at us and then waved. And Sis. Heywood goes “That was Pres. Gerber!” It was so weird cuz we were JUST talking about him. And it was weird that he was up in Grand Blanc. But then we remembered we had stake conference that night, so that’s why he was up here. Anyways, one of the first doors we knocked on we met this girl who is a heroin addict. Her dad has been threatening to kill her and anyone she brings inside, so we had to stay outside and teach her. But she is going into rehab this week so we gave her a Book of Mormon to read while she is there and she was super excited to read it. She was crying and saying that she wants a better relationship with God and how grateful she was that we came to her house. It was so cool. We got to testify of the peace that the Book of Mormon can bring her. Also we told her about how the first book is about a guy whose brothers want to kill him, so she thought she could relate to that. 
Then we knocked a few doors after that and everyone was so nice! 
Oh! Another miracle: I had a dream I ate carrots a few nights ago. 🙂
So like I said, we had stake conference this weekend. So Saturday night at the adult session, in the middle of a talk, the power went out in the church. And then it starts thundering, lightening, and hailing. It was so fun! Everyone just kept on going with the meeting. Everyone just had their phones and flashlights out so they could see a little bit. The power still wasn’t on for Sunday. That was a stake conference nobody will forget. 
So this week in Michigan has been 60s and 70s! I haven’t been wearing tights! Although, it probably looks like I am because I’m so white…. But it has been so nice out! Windy, and stormy sometimes, but so warm!
Something I learned this week: Study of the gospel is essential for our salvation. If we are not constantly trying to gain knowledge, then we are automatically losing it. It’s sad to see that that is the reason a lot of people lose their knowledge and testimony of the gospel. All we can take with us is our knowledge, so get as much as you can! 
Well, I think that’s it. I’m probably forgetting something but I’ll just wait til next week. I love you guys. Thanks for everything. 
Love, Sister Watko

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