General Conference Edition

Hey hey!

So Sister Sorensen is being transferred :(. It’s been a wonderful, wild transfer and I will miss her. I don’t know who came up with transfers but I think they are a really bad idea…
Anyway, so it’s been a down-up week. The beginning of the week was tough. Sister Sorensen wasn’t feeling well, people kept cancelling on us, and nobody was interested. BUT WAIT! On Thursday we had a pretty packed day except for the morning time between 10-11:30. That’s like the worst time possible to go tracting cuz nobody is home or they are still asleep. But we decided that that was what we needed to do. So we went out in the hail and knocked a couple doors. We knocked on this one door and the girl who answered look super young so we asked for her mom. But her mom wasn’t home so we just started talking to her about how the gospel blesses families. She invited us in because it was cold. There was this really cute little boy running around telling me he was almost 5. We asked Sydney (that’s her name) if that was her little brother and she said it’s actually her son. So she is almost graduating college and has a 4 year old son. Well, we started teaching her and talking about how families are forever and how they will always be there for us. She definitely agreed with that because when she had her baby so young, her family was right there next to her the whole time. Then, here’s the cool part, she started saying how her and her sons dad have been going to parenting classes at her church and how she has been wanting to build a relationship with God, and how she is starting to teach her son to read the little Bible. So we brought up the Book of Mormon and how it is a Book of families and that we read it alongside with the Bible. We gave her a copy and she was SO excited to read it. I’ve never seen anyone more excited than her. I’m going back on Wednesday to teach her the restoration. It was awesome!
We had our lesson with the family I told you about last week. It was really good! What made it really good was that we brought a member who has a son with autism and goes to the same school program thing that their daughter goes to. They really connected and both the husband and the wife committed to pray about Joseph Smith and to read the Book of Mormon. Elder Ballard’s talk is so true. Members and missionaries need to work together. 
Speaking of General Conference. It was so good huh? I found that the theme was staying true to the faith. A lot of them talked about being obedient, standing up for what you believe, keeping your faith and testimony strong. All of it is so true. I never realized how many people go inactive until I came out here. I love General Conference so much and I think it should go on all week instead of just a weekend. 
By the way… What are you all studying in Preach My Gospel? 🙂
I love you guys! The church is true. 
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

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