Did you hear the missionary age changed to 14!?


So I’ll explain my subject line first. Sister Heywood is about 2 feet shorter than me. She looks really young. She turned 20 a couple of weeks ago though. We have had MANY experiences where everyone keeps asking US (because just asking her would be rude) if we are adults. The usual guess for how old she is is 14. It’s really hilarious! It happened like 10 times this week!
We had kind of a slow week. But it was still awesome! 
So remember that guy who came to church last week who hadn’t been for like 6 years? Well we are teaching him now and its awesome! He is really stubborn and kinda like an annoying older brother (not you Jordan). I have a ton of faith about him though, that eventually, he’ll accept the gospel.
We had interviews on Wednesday with President Gerber. Sister Gerber gave us an instruction and we studied 1 Nephi 2-3. It was so cool. Those chapters show how much the Lord knows us and wants to help us. But he still gives us our agency :). 
Oh we had a super weird miracle this week! So we are super low on miles for this month so we have been trying our hardest to save them with still going out to work. On Friday we had a lesson with John and Lisa and before that we were with a member who lives kind of by them. So it would have been a waste to go all the way back up to our apartment to get food and then all they way back down to where we were. So we went out. Well we sat down, ate our food, and went up to go pay. We hadn’t noticed that it was a cash only place. Sister Heywood doesn’t carry cash with her. So I get out mine and we both count 8 dollars. We figured it couldn’t be much more than that. So the lady runs up our total and it’s 10.44. I give her the 8 dollars and start fishing for coins. She was like you’ve got 10 dollars here. And both of us looked up and said, at the same time, what? She was like Yeah there’s ten dollars. I just need 44 more cents. So we don’t know if we just both counted wrong or if God literally put 2 dollars in the ladies’ hand. But either way it was a miracle. 
Then we went to John and Lisa’s and invited them to pray about being baptized. We’ll see how that goes this week :). But the both read the Book of Mormon on their own!
Well, that’s about it. Don’t forget to write me! I love you so much! MWAH!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂 

New Companion; Lesson of Hope; Unforgettable Stake Conference

This week has been so good and there is so much to say, so here I go.

So my new companion, Sister Heywood, is so crazy. She is so funny! I don’t think I have stopped laughing this week. She is crazy but she is still very obedient and diligent. We get work done. We teach really well together too. She is from Los Angeles. She reminds me a lot of Tari. She’s short too. (No offense, Tar). 
So we saw our investigators, John and Lisa, twice this week. We got to teach them about the Plan of Salvation and how one day Emily’s body will be perfect. It’s really cool because you can tell when Emily is feeling the spirit. She screams when she is excited and she was really loud before and after the lesson but during it, she was silent. I love this family so much and I am so excited for them to truly accept the gospel and find peace in their life. 
On Saturday we wanted to teach some lessons so we went tracting. We felt like we should tract a street but it was a pretty busy street so we parked in a RiteAid and then went to cross a busy intersection with no cross-walk. As we were about to cross the street a car honked at us and then waved. And Sis. Heywood goes “That was Pres. Gerber!” It was so weird cuz we were JUST talking about him. And it was weird that he was up in Grand Blanc. But then we remembered we had stake conference that night, so that’s why he was up here. Anyways, one of the first doors we knocked on we met this girl who is a heroin addict. Her dad has been threatening to kill her and anyone she brings inside, so we had to stay outside and teach her. But she is going into rehab this week so we gave her a Book of Mormon to read while she is there and she was super excited to read it. She was crying and saying that she wants a better relationship with God and how grateful she was that we came to her house. It was so cool. We got to testify of the peace that the Book of Mormon can bring her. Also we told her about how the first book is about a guy whose brothers want to kill him, so she thought she could relate to that. 
Then we knocked a few doors after that and everyone was so nice! 
Oh! Another miracle: I had a dream I ate carrots a few nights ago. 🙂
So like I said, we had stake conference this weekend. So Saturday night at the adult session, in the middle of a talk, the power went out in the church. And then it starts thundering, lightening, and hailing. It was so fun! Everyone just kept on going with the meeting. Everyone just had their phones and flashlights out so they could see a little bit. The power still wasn’t on for Sunday. That was a stake conference nobody will forget. 
So this week in Michigan has been 60s and 70s! I haven’t been wearing tights! Although, it probably looks like I am because I’m so white…. But it has been so nice out! Windy, and stormy sometimes, but so warm!
Something I learned this week: Study of the gospel is essential for our salvation. If we are not constantly trying to gain knowledge, then we are automatically losing it. It’s sad to see that that is the reason a lot of people lose their knowledge and testimony of the gospel. All we can take with us is our knowledge, so get as much as you can! 
Well, I think that’s it. I’m probably forgetting something but I’ll just wait til next week. I love you guys. Thanks for everything. 
Love, Sister Watko

General Conference Edition

Hey hey!

So Sister Sorensen is being transferred :(. It’s been a wonderful, wild transfer and I will miss her. I don’t know who came up with transfers but I think they are a really bad idea…
Anyway, so it’s been a down-up week. The beginning of the week was tough. Sister Sorensen wasn’t feeling well, people kept cancelling on us, and nobody was interested. BUT WAIT! On Thursday we had a pretty packed day except for the morning time between 10-11:30. That’s like the worst time possible to go tracting cuz nobody is home or they are still asleep. But we decided that that was what we needed to do. So we went out in the hail and knocked a couple doors. We knocked on this one door and the girl who answered look super young so we asked for her mom. But her mom wasn’t home so we just started talking to her about how the gospel blesses families. She invited us in because it was cold. There was this really cute little boy running around telling me he was almost 5. We asked Sydney (that’s her name) if that was her little brother and she said it’s actually her son. So she is almost graduating college and has a 4 year old son. Well, we started teaching her and talking about how families are forever and how they will always be there for us. She definitely agreed with that because when she had her baby so young, her family was right there next to her the whole time. Then, here’s the cool part, she started saying how her and her sons dad have been going to parenting classes at her church and how she has been wanting to build a relationship with God, and how she is starting to teach her son to read the little Bible. So we brought up the Book of Mormon and how it is a Book of families and that we read it alongside with the Bible. We gave her a copy and she was SO excited to read it. I’ve never seen anyone more excited than her. I’m going back on Wednesday to teach her the restoration. It was awesome!
We had our lesson with the family I told you about last week. It was really good! What made it really good was that we brought a member who has a son with autism and goes to the same school program thing that their daughter goes to. They really connected and both the husband and the wife committed to pray about Joseph Smith and to read the Book of Mormon. Elder Ballard’s talk is so true. Members and missionaries need to work together. 
Speaking of General Conference. It was so good huh? I found that the theme was staying true to the faith. A lot of them talked about being obedient, standing up for what you believe, keeping your faith and testimony strong. All of it is so true. I never realized how many people go inactive until I came out here. I love General Conference so much and I think it should go on all week instead of just a weekend. 
By the way… What are you all studying in Preach My Gospel? 🙂
I love you guys! The church is true. 
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

Miracles have not ceased…

Everyone… It has happened. Grand Blanc North has 2 new investigators. 

Ok ready for the amazing miracle of this week? 
So on Monday President Gerber invited each companionship in the mission to find 5 new investigators this week. Not gonna lie, I was a little skeptical. But he is a man called of God and I have to trust that everything he does is by revelation. So I had the faith. Well, let me tell you, it was hard to have the faith because nothing was happening all week! Every time we went tracting not much happened. On Wednesday we tracted into this lady (Lisa) who has a special needs daughter. She felt the spirit and she wanted a Book of Mormon. It was a really cool experience but there was still that little voice in the back of my mind saying “you’ve had this happen before. When you go back to her she won’t be interested.” So it was nice but I didn’t really think anything would come of it. So yesterday (Sunday) we had some time before going to our next appointment and we were going to go tracting. But we saw on the GPS that Lisa and our next appointment were actually really close by. So we prayed and felt like we should go. Except we both felt really nervous to go too. We were nervous because we didn’t know if the husband would be home this time. And if he was we were worried that he wouldn’t be as open as his wife and all that. But when he answered the door he was all smiley and invited us in to meet their daughter! So long story short, we taught them, got to know them, they felt the spirit and want to know more, and we are going back next Sunday!!!!!! They are so awesome and they struggle A LOT with having a special needs child. We testified that through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ they can receive peace and strength. The spirit was so strong. It truly was a miracle. OH! Also, it was fast Sunday! And  we have been reading in Alma how the sons of Mosiah always fasted and prayed and then they saw miracles and success. It was so cool!
Another cool miracle is that we had 5 less-actives at church! One couple just moved out of her Pentecostal parents’ house and so they will be able to come more often now!
We got to watch the Women’s Conference on Saturday. It was so good and those little girls singing was so cute! I loved that they talked so much about covenant keeping. I can’t wait for my first General Conference out in the field! So far we are watching 2 sessions with 2 different less-active families. So that’s exciting. We have Stake Conference too after that. 
OOH! Exciting news! On May 20 (Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad) Elder Holland is coming to Michigan! But he’s is going to Lansing. But Lansing AND Detroit missionaries get to go! It’s for all missionaries and ward councils. It’s not for like 2 months but it’s still super exciting! 
Thank you for your prayers. I love you guys so much. 
Love, Sister Watko 🙂