Not quite Spring in Michigan, yet!

Hi everyone.

So this week wasn’t the best, but don’t worry, we definitely saw some miracles! 
So I think I’ll just tell you what I’m grateful for this week. 
First: Jesus Christ. We taught a lot of Less-actives about Him this week and my testimony has just gotten bigger and bigger. He truly is our Savior. The list is endless of what we can learn from Him. Prayer, ordinances, knowledge, love, endurance… The pain He went through was for me. And you. He is special just in that He is the literal Son of God. All throughout the New Testament everyone follows Him and wants to know Him. He changes lives. I can’t wait for the day I can give Him a physical hug and say thank you. For now I’ll just do my best to be my best. I don’t know if anyone has seen the new movie “Son of God”. But I heard it was really good. 
Second: The Grand Blanc ward. We have some strong members. A 12 year old beehive gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday and if you weren’t looking at her you wouldn’t have known she was 12. We have been visiting members a lot and, though they don’t feed us, that’s not the important thing. They have testimonies and they do support us in our work. It’s very comforting. 
Third: Rules. All of the little things missionaries and members of the church can and can’t do. They are for our good. They may be inconvenient sometimes, but life was never convenient for the Savior. 
Fourth: My ward mission leader. He is so awesome. He says he’ll do something… and he actually does it. It’s amazing!
Oh cool experience this week! So on Tuesday we were tracting. And nobody was home. I think we talked to a total of 2 people, barely. So we went to try another street. And on the corner of the street there was a donut place. I really wanted a donut. So we said after we tract this street we will get a donut. Well, we got to teach a drunk guy about how much he is loved and needed in this world. It was funny cuz when we were going to say the prayer, he reaches out his arms. And we thought we were going to hold hands, cuz a lot of people do that. But he reaches them around us and hugs us both at the same time. So we prayed in a huddle. It was really hard to say a good prayer with him because I was about to burst into laughter. Anyways, so after that we went to get donuts. And the guy who worked there asked us what church we were from and said that his son is serving a mission in Africa for 20 years! Well he was really impressed by us. He doesn’t want to know more because he has his own church but……. He gave us FREE donuts!!!!! I need to get donuts more often because I always seem to get them paid for. He owned the place so he wouldn’t take our money when we offered it. It was pretty cool. 
Another cool experience. Once a week we visit our Relief Society president’s dad. He is old and he had a stroke a while ago. Since his stroke he is in a wheel chair. He can only use one hand. And the best part is he can only say one thing. “Ba-tah”. He is so funny! It’s cool though cuz once you’re around him for a little bit, you can actually have a real conversation with him. So anyways, we teach him a lesson and we ask if we can pray before we leave and usually he looks at one of us to say it. But this time he bows his head and starts. “Ba-tah, ba-tah…..” Even though that’s the only thing he was saying the spirit was SO STRONG. He has a super good relationship with Heavenly Father. He loves the gospel and it’s amazing because he shares it with everybody. You can be a missionary even if you can’t talk. 
Ok well, I’ll go now. I love you guys! Send me pictures. 
Love, Sister Watko 🙂 
Love You!

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