Rollercoaster Week


Ok so I’ll just tell a bunch of stories today cuz I have some :). 
So once a month the empty nesters and old single adults have a FHE. So we went to that on Monday. I just love old people. They are so hilarious and so much more fun than people my own age. We played pictionary and had chinese food. Sister Sorensen and I were in charge of the game and the lesson. It was so fun!
Tuesday was AWESOME! We had zone conference. And guess who is in my zone?? Sister Moreno AND Sister Cutler! And my old District leader. And an Elder who came out with me who is just hilarious. So Sister Cutler actually drove us to the meeting. And then we got to talk about our new areas and about Northville again. It was so good to see her! Zone conference was amazing. So inspired. President Gerber talked about serving the Lord with all of our hearts, might, mind, and strength. I chose one that I wanted to focus on and work on and I chose might. We also talked about finding, and progressing less-actives. Which are super helpful since those are 2 things we REALLY need right now. 
On Wednesday we had another storm. Yes, we did go tracting in it. I was so fun. I felt like we were in Antarctica or something. It was an adventure. And then we went to a less-actives house to teach them and the husband talked THE WHOLE TIME! We were there forever! He mostly talked about temples though, so that’s good. And then a member took us out to dinner that night. 
On Thursday it was in the 20’s all day. Sunny, but cold. MIRACLE OF THE WEEK!!! So ALL DAY we were stopping by former potentials that we found in the area book. We are desperate to find an investigator. Well nobody was home. Finally we have one more name on the list and about 45 minutes until our next appointment. So we knock on the door and she came outside cuz of the dog. We introduced ourselves and she said her name was Tina. And then Sister Sorensen is like “Tina Dixon?”. She was so creeped out. Hahahaahaha. We told her that we knew because of the elders who saw her a little under a year ago. Anyway, she said that she remembers the elders coming by a couple of times but they never really got to sit down and talk. She said she still has the pamphlet that they gave her though. She said that her 9 year old daughter was cleaning up one time and she held up the pamphlet to her mom and asked if she could throw it away and Tina said “No I still need that”! Cool huh?? So we asked if we could come back and so we are going back on Wednesday. She said she will read over the pamphlet again and have questions for us! I’m so excited! New investigator! Oh also, Thursday was Sister Sorensen’s year mark so we got shamrock shakes. 
Friday was in the 40’s. It was so nice! I was just wearing a long sleeve shirt all day. Paradise…. 🙂
Saturday we got to meet a less-active who kept standing them up last transfer. She’s gonna feed us dinner next week and she came to church yesterday. 
Sunday was SO good. So we have a serious problem with bullying in our ward. Next week we are having a special 3rd hour lesson with the parents to address it. Our poor bishop. This kind of thing is really hard to bring up. People can get offended really easily. So he has to be super careful. But anyways, we had ward conference yesterday. And it was SO good. It was, of course, on hastening the work. After church so many people came up to us and invited us over to dinner. It was awesome. 
There is a family in the ward who’s daughter just came home from her mission early from Albania because of health problems. And she has six months of nothing to do. So we are going to try to take her out with us so she can still be a missionary. She is super cool and this has been really hard for her. So I’m excited 🙂
So that was this week. How is everyone? 
Write me. 
The church is true.
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

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