The Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John


First of all, Sister Gearig: Sister Myler is like my favorite person in the ward!! She says hi! So we go to institute every Wednesday morning and (I didn’t know it at the time because it was my second day in Grand Blanc) the lady who taught my first time there was Sister Myler. It was a super good lesson on Joseph Smith and I walked out having my mind blown! Haha. And then this last Thursday we went over to her house so that I could meet her more formally, because I’m still trying to get to know people in the ward. And she asked me where I am from and I said South Jordan. She was like “I know some people who live there, but every time I ask someone they say that it’s a pretty big city and it’s slim when they actually know them.” And I was like yeah I probably don’t know them. And then she was like well anyway there’s this one lady… and I didn’t know her. And then she said and Barbra Gearig. And I was like YEAH! She lives just around the corner from me. And then she said that you did an internship at where she worked and you guys are really good friends. It was cool. She is an awesome lady!
Second of all, Heidi: Where did you get that Utah truffle thing???? It was SO GOOD! Tell my mom so that she can send me some 🙂 And its kinda nice cuz my companion can’t have chocolate, so I get it all to myself! Although, I guess that’s kind of a bad thing too… anyways, Thank you soooooo much!
So we were without a car for 2 days this week. Sister Moreno did a number on the car before I got here so we had to go get it fixed on Thursday. P.S. I think I forgot to mention that I drive. Sister Sorensen got in a wreck at the beginning of her mission so she can’t. Anyways, we were blessed because we were going on exchanges that day so we would at least have one car. Then it was supposed to be ready the next morning but ended up not being done until 6:00. Luckily, we have awesome members who are willing to drive us. And when I say members I mean one member. We have been doing a lot of service for her this week and she for us so it’s been good :).
Also, I will take Utah construction over Michigan roads. So many potholes!!!!!!!!!! It’s ridiculous. 
So things that happened this week:
-I gave my first instruction at district meeting this week. This was my topic… “Something that helps people commit to baptism.” How vague is that? I basically talked about the Spirit and Repentance. I thought it went well.
-I got to meet a magician! He’s a less-active who just found out he has a hole in his heart. He is really funny but takes spiritual things a little too lightly. He’s a really good magician and does a lot of shows, and a lot of them are on Sunday… But he has a strong testimony so that’s good. He just needs to act on the faith he has. 
-We went tracting on Saturday. There was a man outside so we decided to go talk to him. Yeah we talked to him for an hour and a half!!! I was FREEZING. Oh yeah. We didn’t talk to him, he talked to us. He just told story after story. They were cool stories but they were long ones. Finally we got to give him a card and told him to look up a video about a motorcyclist (because most of his stories were about motorcycles). He was a cool guy. 
So I have started reading the gospels for studies this week. I want to get through all of them. My Sister training Leader suggested it. I want to focus on my Savior to be able to be a better example, witness, servant of His. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with the Bible lately. We have this game in our apartment. Bible trivia. Everyday during lunch and dinner I just go through the questions on the cards. I feel like a Bible genius! That’s good cuz I have never really known a lot about it before. So I’m learning lots :). 
Well, gotta go. I love you! Write me :).
Love, Sister Watko

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