First week in Grand Blanc


 So far so great!!!!!!! Ok so I’ll tell you about Sister Sorensen first. She is so awesome! She hits her year mark on the 13th. She is an amazing missionary. She’s like my second trainer cuz she has already taught me so much. She is super obedient and just…. I don’t know. I love her. 
I don’t really know the area too well yet. It’s SO big. I do know Holly is in my area though :). But I don’t know where I live. I gave you my address right? I can tell you I live in an apartment that reeks of weed and coffee. I’m already getting used to it though. We e-mail either at the church or the library. Today I’m at the church. The church is only like 3 miles away from the apartment. The ward seems pretty good so far. Not a lot of people were at church cuz the roads were really bad but from the people who were there they were nice. Sister Sherrow took my place in Northville… I hope things are going ok down there. Glad you got my boxes. 
Ok so lots happened this week. You ready?
-So I came into this area with zero investigators. Literally zero. TONS of less-actives but not one non-member to teach. So we do a lot of tracting. Yay! So we prayed about a couple of streets we should tract. We went to the first street and either nobody was home or nobody wanted to listen. So then we went to the other street. We were planning to knock on 7 doors. So we start and the first one wasn’t home. So we go to the 2nd one… And a black man named Rodriguez (yes it’s his first name) answered. And long story short we were teaching the Restoration and he was like this is so peaceful and we were like well duh that’s what the gospel brings. And then he said go on so we just kept going. And then he was like “So I guess you guys want me to come your church or something right?” And we said you’re always welcome, we would love you see you there! He didn’t come, but we are going back this week so he will come eventually. It was really cool that we were there on that street at just the right time. 
– We also met this one cool guy who lives in a pretty sketchy trailer park on Saturday morning. He wasn’t happy to see us at his door but then he loved us by the end. We basically just talked about how Christ can give us strength. He’s been down some rough roads and He used Christ to get himself back to being good. He said he wouldn’t have talked to us if we were the “normal” ones who come to the doors. He meant like Jehovah’s witnesses or some other people who go door to door. Perks of being in the true church. His name was Brandon by the way.
– So I had my first experience teaching a lesson while a goat eats my hair. There’s a first time for everything. There is this super awesome less-active family named the Kubiaks. They own a farm and raise their own everything. Two of the baby goats just run around the house. They are sooo cute… but like to eat everything… including my hair. Also there were four little chihuahuas running around. And I got to hold the TINIEST little kittens ever! It’s a mad house, but so fun! The Kubiaks are so cool. Brother Kubiak was in the bishopric 2 years ago and after he got released he got really depressed and hasn’t been back to church. The mom and 3 of the kids came to church yesterday though so that was awesome!
– So there is this recent convert named Michelle who was baptized in June. She totally loves the gospel and is just so converted. She’s awesome. Now here is how member missionary work works: So this lady in her apartment complex backed into her last week. The lady was just a mess. She felt so bad and she was crying and she didn’t even do that much damage. She was hysterical though. Well Michelle called us over on Thursday and told us she wants us to come with her to meet someone. Her name is Stacy. Michelle was really scared but her faith is so big that she did it any way. So we go over there and Michelle just says that she really felt like she needed to see her again and bring her sister missionaries. She invited her to an FHE thing and we are probably going to start teaching her! Stacy suffers from depression and anxiety, is currently going through a divorce, and has 2 kids and a part-time job. Oh, her parents are alcoholics too. She is so sweet and wants so badly to be happy. When Michelle told her how the gospel changed her life, I could feel how much Stacy wants it. She may not know it yet, but Me, Michelle, Sister Sorensen could all feel it. It was super super cool. 
So yeah it is beyond beyond freezing. Grand Blanc is more north than Northville and you can tell. SO COLD! But I survive :). Also GB has a lot of variety. There are some more wealthy areas, some farms, some regular, and some more sketchy places. We take in a little bit of Flint so that’s where the sketchiness comes in. 
Happy Birthday Papa!!!!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂
I forgot to tell you what I learned!!!

I learned that God has not ceased to be a God of Miracles. They DO happen. I had forgotten that for a little while.

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