Not quite Spring in Michigan, yet!

Hi everyone.

So this week wasn’t the best, but don’t worry, we definitely saw some miracles! 
So I think I’ll just tell you what I’m grateful for this week. 
First: Jesus Christ. We taught a lot of Less-actives about Him this week and my testimony has just gotten bigger and bigger. He truly is our Savior. The list is endless of what we can learn from Him. Prayer, ordinances, knowledge, love, endurance… The pain He went through was for me. And you. He is special just in that He is the literal Son of God. All throughout the New Testament everyone follows Him and wants to know Him. He changes lives. I can’t wait for the day I can give Him a physical hug and say thank you. For now I’ll just do my best to be my best. I don’t know if anyone has seen the new movie “Son of God”. But I heard it was really good. 
Second: The Grand Blanc ward. We have some strong members. A 12 year old beehive gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday and if you weren’t looking at her you wouldn’t have known she was 12. We have been visiting members a lot and, though they don’t feed us, that’s not the important thing. They have testimonies and they do support us in our work. It’s very comforting. 
Third: Rules. All of the little things missionaries and members of the church can and can’t do. They are for our good. They may be inconvenient sometimes, but life was never convenient for the Savior. 
Fourth: My ward mission leader. He is so awesome. He says he’ll do something… and he actually does it. It’s amazing!
Oh cool experience this week! So on Tuesday we were tracting. And nobody was home. I think we talked to a total of 2 people, barely. So we went to try another street. And on the corner of the street there was a donut place. I really wanted a donut. So we said after we tract this street we will get a donut. Well, we got to teach a drunk guy about how much he is loved and needed in this world. It was funny cuz when we were going to say the prayer, he reaches out his arms. And we thought we were going to hold hands, cuz a lot of people do that. But he reaches them around us and hugs us both at the same time. So we prayed in a huddle. It was really hard to say a good prayer with him because I was about to burst into laughter. Anyways, so after that we went to get donuts. And the guy who worked there asked us what church we were from and said that his son is serving a mission in Africa for 20 years! Well he was really impressed by us. He doesn’t want to know more because he has his own church but……. He gave us FREE donuts!!!!! I need to get donuts more often because I always seem to get them paid for. He owned the place so he wouldn’t take our money when we offered it. It was pretty cool. 
Another cool experience. Once a week we visit our Relief Society president’s dad. He is old and he had a stroke a while ago. Since his stroke he is in a wheel chair. He can only use one hand. And the best part is he can only say one thing. “Ba-tah”. He is so funny! It’s cool though cuz once you’re around him for a little bit, you can actually have a real conversation with him. So anyways, we teach him a lesson and we ask if we can pray before we leave and usually he looks at one of us to say it. But this time he bows his head and starts. “Ba-tah, ba-tah…..” Even though that’s the only thing he was saying the spirit was SO STRONG. He has a super good relationship with Heavenly Father. He loves the gospel and it’s amazing because he shares it with everybody. You can be a missionary even if you can’t talk. 
Ok well, I’ll go now. I love you guys! Send me pictures. 
Love, Sister Watko 🙂 
Love You!

Rollercoaster Week


Ok so I’ll just tell a bunch of stories today cuz I have some :). 
So once a month the empty nesters and old single adults have a FHE. So we went to that on Monday. I just love old people. They are so hilarious and so much more fun than people my own age. We played pictionary and had chinese food. Sister Sorensen and I were in charge of the game and the lesson. It was so fun!
Tuesday was AWESOME! We had zone conference. And guess who is in my zone?? Sister Moreno AND Sister Cutler! And my old District leader. And an Elder who came out with me who is just hilarious. So Sister Cutler actually drove us to the meeting. And then we got to talk about our new areas and about Northville again. It was so good to see her! Zone conference was amazing. So inspired. President Gerber talked about serving the Lord with all of our hearts, might, mind, and strength. I chose one that I wanted to focus on and work on and I chose might. We also talked about finding, and progressing less-actives. Which are super helpful since those are 2 things we REALLY need right now. 
On Wednesday we had another storm. Yes, we did go tracting in it. I was so fun. I felt like we were in Antarctica or something. It was an adventure. And then we went to a less-actives house to teach them and the husband talked THE WHOLE TIME! We were there forever! He mostly talked about temples though, so that’s good. And then a member took us out to dinner that night. 
On Thursday it was in the 20’s all day. Sunny, but cold. MIRACLE OF THE WEEK!!! So ALL DAY we were stopping by former potentials that we found in the area book. We are desperate to find an investigator. Well nobody was home. Finally we have one more name on the list and about 45 minutes until our next appointment. So we knock on the door and she came outside cuz of the dog. We introduced ourselves and she said her name was Tina. And then Sister Sorensen is like “Tina Dixon?”. She was so creeped out. Hahahaahaha. We told her that we knew because of the elders who saw her a little under a year ago. Anyway, she said that she remembers the elders coming by a couple of times but they never really got to sit down and talk. She said she still has the pamphlet that they gave her though. She said that her 9 year old daughter was cleaning up one time and she held up the pamphlet to her mom and asked if she could throw it away and Tina said “No I still need that”! Cool huh?? So we asked if we could come back and so we are going back on Wednesday. She said she will read over the pamphlet again and have questions for us! I’m so excited! New investigator! Oh also, Thursday was Sister Sorensen’s year mark so we got shamrock shakes. 
Friday was in the 40’s. It was so nice! I was just wearing a long sleeve shirt all day. Paradise…. 🙂
Saturday we got to meet a less-active who kept standing them up last transfer. She’s gonna feed us dinner next week and she came to church yesterday. 
Sunday was SO good. So we have a serious problem with bullying in our ward. Next week we are having a special 3rd hour lesson with the parents to address it. Our poor bishop. This kind of thing is really hard to bring up. People can get offended really easily. So he has to be super careful. But anyways, we had ward conference yesterday. And it was SO good. It was, of course, on hastening the work. After church so many people came up to us and invited us over to dinner. It was awesome. 
There is a family in the ward who’s daughter just came home from her mission early from Albania because of health problems. And she has six months of nothing to do. So we are going to try to take her out with us so she can still be a missionary. She is super cool and this has been really hard for her. So I’m excited 🙂
So that was this week. How is everyone? 
Write me. 
The church is true.
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

The Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John


First of all, Sister Gearig: Sister Myler is like my favorite person in the ward!! She says hi! So we go to institute every Wednesday morning and (I didn’t know it at the time because it was my second day in Grand Blanc) the lady who taught my first time there was Sister Myler. It was a super good lesson on Joseph Smith and I walked out having my mind blown! Haha. And then this last Thursday we went over to her house so that I could meet her more formally, because I’m still trying to get to know people in the ward. And she asked me where I am from and I said South Jordan. She was like “I know some people who live there, but every time I ask someone they say that it’s a pretty big city and it’s slim when they actually know them.” And I was like yeah I probably don’t know them. And then she was like well anyway there’s this one lady… and I didn’t know her. And then she said and Barbra Gearig. And I was like YEAH! She lives just around the corner from me. And then she said that you did an internship at where she worked and you guys are really good friends. It was cool. She is an awesome lady!
Second of all, Heidi: Where did you get that Utah truffle thing???? It was SO GOOD! Tell my mom so that she can send me some 🙂 And its kinda nice cuz my companion can’t have chocolate, so I get it all to myself! Although, I guess that’s kind of a bad thing too… anyways, Thank you soooooo much!
So we were without a car for 2 days this week. Sister Moreno did a number on the car before I got here so we had to go get it fixed on Thursday. P.S. I think I forgot to mention that I drive. Sister Sorensen got in a wreck at the beginning of her mission so she can’t. Anyways, we were blessed because we were going on exchanges that day so we would at least have one car. Then it was supposed to be ready the next morning but ended up not being done until 6:00. Luckily, we have awesome members who are willing to drive us. And when I say members I mean one member. We have been doing a lot of service for her this week and she for us so it’s been good :).
Also, I will take Utah construction over Michigan roads. So many potholes!!!!!!!!!! It’s ridiculous. 
So things that happened this week:
-I gave my first instruction at district meeting this week. This was my topic… “Something that helps people commit to baptism.” How vague is that? I basically talked about the Spirit and Repentance. I thought it went well.
-I got to meet a magician! He’s a less-active who just found out he has a hole in his heart. He is really funny but takes spiritual things a little too lightly. He’s a really good magician and does a lot of shows, and a lot of them are on Sunday… But he has a strong testimony so that’s good. He just needs to act on the faith he has. 
-We went tracting on Saturday. There was a man outside so we decided to go talk to him. Yeah we talked to him for an hour and a half!!! I was FREEZING. Oh yeah. We didn’t talk to him, he talked to us. He just told story after story. They were cool stories but they were long ones. Finally we got to give him a card and told him to look up a video about a motorcyclist (because most of his stories were about motorcycles). He was a cool guy. 
So I have started reading the gospels for studies this week. I want to get through all of them. My Sister training Leader suggested it. I want to focus on my Savior to be able to be a better example, witness, servant of His. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with the Bible lately. We have this game in our apartment. Bible trivia. Everyday during lunch and dinner I just go through the questions on the cards. I feel like a Bible genius! That’s good cuz I have never really known a lot about it before. So I’m learning lots :). 
Well, gotta go. I love you! Write me :).
Love, Sister Watko

First week in Grand Blanc


 So far so great!!!!!!! Ok so I’ll tell you about Sister Sorensen first. She is so awesome! She hits her year mark on the 13th. She is an amazing missionary. She’s like my second trainer cuz she has already taught me so much. She is super obedient and just…. I don’t know. I love her. 
I don’t really know the area too well yet. It’s SO big. I do know Holly is in my area though :). But I don’t know where I live. I gave you my address right? I can tell you I live in an apartment that reeks of weed and coffee. I’m already getting used to it though. We e-mail either at the church or the library. Today I’m at the church. The church is only like 3 miles away from the apartment. The ward seems pretty good so far. Not a lot of people were at church cuz the roads were really bad but from the people who were there they were nice. Sister Sherrow took my place in Northville… I hope things are going ok down there. Glad you got my boxes. 
Ok so lots happened this week. You ready?
-So I came into this area with zero investigators. Literally zero. TONS of less-actives but not one non-member to teach. So we do a lot of tracting. Yay! So we prayed about a couple of streets we should tract. We went to the first street and either nobody was home or nobody wanted to listen. So then we went to the other street. We were planning to knock on 7 doors. So we start and the first one wasn’t home. So we go to the 2nd one… And a black man named Rodriguez (yes it’s his first name) answered. And long story short we were teaching the Restoration and he was like this is so peaceful and we were like well duh that’s what the gospel brings. And then he said go on so we just kept going. And then he was like “So I guess you guys want me to come your church or something right?” And we said you’re always welcome, we would love you see you there! He didn’t come, but we are going back this week so he will come eventually. It was really cool that we were there on that street at just the right time. 
– We also met this one cool guy who lives in a pretty sketchy trailer park on Saturday morning. He wasn’t happy to see us at his door but then he loved us by the end. We basically just talked about how Christ can give us strength. He’s been down some rough roads and He used Christ to get himself back to being good. He said he wouldn’t have talked to us if we were the “normal” ones who come to the doors. He meant like Jehovah’s witnesses or some other people who go door to door. Perks of being in the true church. His name was Brandon by the way.
– So I had my first experience teaching a lesson while a goat eats my hair. There’s a first time for everything. There is this super awesome less-active family named the Kubiaks. They own a farm and raise their own everything. Two of the baby goats just run around the house. They are sooo cute… but like to eat everything… including my hair. Also there were four little chihuahuas running around. And I got to hold the TINIEST little kittens ever! It’s a mad house, but so fun! The Kubiaks are so cool. Brother Kubiak was in the bishopric 2 years ago and after he got released he got really depressed and hasn’t been back to church. The mom and 3 of the kids came to church yesterday though so that was awesome!
– So there is this recent convert named Michelle who was baptized in June. She totally loves the gospel and is just so converted. She’s awesome. Now here is how member missionary work works: So this lady in her apartment complex backed into her last week. The lady was just a mess. She felt so bad and she was crying and she didn’t even do that much damage. She was hysterical though. Well Michelle called us over on Thursday and told us she wants us to come with her to meet someone. Her name is Stacy. Michelle was really scared but her faith is so big that she did it any way. So we go over there and Michelle just says that she really felt like she needed to see her again and bring her sister missionaries. She invited her to an FHE thing and we are probably going to start teaching her! Stacy suffers from depression and anxiety, is currently going through a divorce, and has 2 kids and a part-time job. Oh, her parents are alcoholics too. She is so sweet and wants so badly to be happy. When Michelle told her how the gospel changed her life, I could feel how much Stacy wants it. She may not know it yet, but Me, Michelle, Sister Sorensen could all feel it. It was super super cool. 
So yeah it is beyond beyond freezing. Grand Blanc is more north than Northville and you can tell. SO COLD! But I survive :). Also GB has a lot of variety. There are some more wealthy areas, some farms, some regular, and some more sketchy places. We take in a little bit of Flint so that’s where the sketchiness comes in. 
Happy Birthday Papa!!!!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂
I forgot to tell you what I learned!!!

I learned that God has not ceased to be a God of Miracles. They DO happen. I had forgotten that for a little while.