Transfers today

So, just as a preface to the below, in Aubree’s mission, they are told about transfers and whether or not they are changing areas on Sunday evenings and then prepare to leave on Mondays and find out where they are moving to and make their transfers on Tuesdays.  So the first email is her normal Monday email.  She found out that she was being transferred but still didn’t know where.  The second email is an update once she arrived in her new area.
Email #1

So my time in Northville is over. I’m gonna miss it soooo much! I could have stayed here my whole mission and been fine with it. But I’m excited to meet new people and see new things.

So miracles that happened this week/reasons I don’t want to leave:

-So on Sister Goodman’s very first day out in the mission field she went tracting in Northville. It was right after she got off the plane so that day is kinda hard to forget cuz everything is so new. Well anyway there’s this lady that she had thought about every now and then while she’s been out. She was the first person she had actually talked to so it was kinda exciting. So then one day we were picking a street to tract and she was like that sounds familiar. So we tracted it but didn’t find the exact right street. So then she called the sister who took her tracting that first night to see if she had her address. And she did! So we went to her house and taught her and her daughter the Plan of Salvation! We also found out that she has another daughter in Detroit who is an active member. Also her husband just died earlier this month. It was super cool!

-There is this less-active lady who is labeled a do not contact. Usually we just contact them about once a year to make sure they really don’t want to be contacted by the church. Well this lady, I have never been able to get in contact with in the last four months. So on Friday we had a little extra time so we decided to just try to knock on her door. She answered. And she invited us in! We had a super good discussion and lesson with her and hopefully she’ll come back to church. (Not that I’ll know cuz I’m being transferred) (I’m not bitter…). She is really sweet and so awesome! I’m not sure why she is a do not contact…

Oh guess what!!! I met the mexican version of Bob! HAHAHAHAHAHA. He’s in our ward. Well in our ward boundaries. He serves in the Detroit River branch cuz he speaks spanish. He is just like him though.

Gotta run. Love you all!

Love, Sister Watko

Email #2 – Tues. Feb. 25, 2014

Hey hey!! 

So I’m in Grand Blanc. Funny story:
So when I got to Michigan Sister Moreno (my MTC companion) got called here with Sister Goodman as her trainer. Then last transfer Sister Goodman came to Northville to be my companion. And Sister Moreno’s companion was Sister Sorensen who was Sister Goodman’s MTC companion. Well Sister Moreno got transferred and I got transferred into Grand Blanc so now my companion is now Sister Sorensen. Weird huh? Now we’ve all been companions :). 
My new address: 11301 Grand Oak Drive apt. 10
Grand Blanc, MI 48439.
I’m really excited to be here! Last night and this morning were really hard but I did sign up for this so I just have to deal with it I guess. I’ll miss my Northville but I’m excited to work in Grand Blanc. I’m choosing to look forward instead of in the past. 
Hope everyone is doing well. I love you!!!!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂



Hastening the Work of Salvation

Hey there!

My feelings about the ward being split? Don’t wanna talk about it.

Courtney: I’m almost done with the pictures. I only have like 2 left 🙂

Jordan: Your letter is coming. Thank you though! I loved it sooooooooooooooooooooo much!

Ellie: I’ll write you your own e-mail. I about died looking at your pictures though.

Bethany: You alive? I love you.

So the temple was so good! I can check that one off my list :).

Ok so things that have happened in the last two weeks:

-I can’t remember if I told you we taught primary sharing time a couple of weeks ago. But we did. And it went awful. We weren’t very prepared and we didn’t really know what we were doing. But we taught them about bearing their testimony and we totally thought no one was listening. So then the next week was fast Sunday. The best testimonies came from the kids. It was so awesome! They weren’t testimonies like “I know the church is true, I know my family loves me….” They were like personal experiences, tears, true testimonies. Even Roger (my investigator) cried! And he doesn’t cry! There were only like 3 or 4 adults that went up. It was cool.
-Speaking of Roger. It’s kind of a long story and too much to type. So in short. Roger’s problems go a lot deeper than just not wanting to get baptized. He needs mental help. Luckily we have a lady in our ward who works at Family Services and knows her stuff. So we are going to have a lesson with him at her house on Wednesday so that she can get to know him herself. Hopefully this will help him. He just hates himself so much that he doesn’t think he deserves any of the blessings the gospel will bring him. Its sad especially cuz he knows its all true. It was cool though because I got to tell him some of the struggles I go/went through and he almost didn’t believe me cuz I’m “almost always happy” and he couldn’t believe that there were times when I didn’t like myself either. So that was cool and hopefully he will be on his way to the font soon. It’s funny cuz he’s been investigating for so long everyone jokes about him. Like in ward council they’ll ask how’s Roger doing? And then from there they just joke about like pushing him in the font or putting his name on the program and stuff like that. It’s funny haha. 🙂
Something I’m learning and working on:
-Having faith in Jesus Christ and not the outcome. I have realized that my motivation is results. So when I don’t get the results I expect I get really down. But I have forgotten in the last couple of weeks that people have their agency and the Heavenly Father is in control. I need to start aligning my will with His. It’s not easy but things go so much better that way.
Ok fine my feelings about the wards splitting. STUPID! Seriously that makes me really sad. And really grateful that I’m all growed up and don’t have to go back. But Bishop Newman!!!! We all saw it coming :). I’m really sorry guys. Why’d they do it? Good attitude though. That’s hard… But we have to have faith in Christ not in the results.
It’s too bad Brother Hill wasn’t in the pictures he sent you. He is HUGE! He’s like big version of Mr. Incredible. It’s funny to see Sister Goodman next to him haha.
Well, that’s about it. I’ll probably think of more things as soon as I hit send.
Thank you again for your support and love. I love you guys so much! 🙂
Love, Sister Watko

Only half a P-day, so a very short letter…but THANK YOU for everyone’s support!

Hey everyone!

So I don’t have like any time today. Guess why? CUZ I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE ON THURSDAY!!!!!! So I only get half a P-day today. So next week I will write a good letter. I just want to let you all know that I love you. Thank you for your support and love. Have a wonderful week and remember that the church is true.

Love, Sister Watko