Faith, hard work and learning things about yourself

Dear Everyone,

THANK YOU! Thank you for your letters, your e-mails, and especially for your prayers! Sometimes (and by sometimes I mean all the time) missionary work is really hard and it is soo comforting to know that there are people praying for me. It makes it easier to trust in the Lord. Trust has been something that Heavenly Father really wants me to work on; so he is giving me lots and lots of opportunities! 
So the work has been pretty slow the last couple of weeks. Lots of knocking doors. Lots of Catholics who are “all set”. It’s funny because tracting is actually pretty fun now. We like to come up with different comebacks to people’s responses. We are able to make it fun so that it’s worth it. 
Something cool that happened this week:
We have a mission devotional every month where converts of the church get up and tell their story and bear their testimony. Sometimes they are super funny and sometimes they are just super spiritual. Well we got this potential investigator to come with us. His name is Walt and he is like 80 something years old. (He’s the one who took us to Detroit). A devout catholic. He is sooo cute and sooo nice! At the devotional our stake president spoke and he taught the restoration at the pulpit and bore a very powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was so good! Walt had to leave right after so we didn’t get a chance to talk to him much. But we had a lesson with him on Sunday. And we were planning on just going over the restoration again briefly. But we ended up talking about the Book of Mormon. He is really into history so Sister Goodman gave him the background of it and how it came to be. He was really interested and we bore testimony and he has committed to read it! We then asked if we could come back and teach him and he said “Sure, I’ll never become a convert but you are welcome anytime.” That’s what he thinks. Heavenly Father has some great plans for this guy, and we are going to show him what he can have! 
My testimony of the Book of Mormon has definitely grown this week. Everything seemed to revolve around it and it gave me so much comfort. Read it. It’s a good book. We are giving our investigators, less actives, and recent converts this BoM challenge. We will be doing it with them. Its where we have to read the whole Book of Mormon in a month. Feb 1-Mar 3. It’s gonna be so fun! Feel free to join in!
The church is true! I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!! 🙂
Love, Sister Watko

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