Coldest temperatures in decades

Below is a safety email we received from the Mission about the severe weather and the safety of our missionary.

Dear Parents,

 I am sending this at the request of President and Sister Gerber. 

 We are experiencing severe winter weather here in Michigan with heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures.  Because of that, some public buildings such as libraries are closed.  If you did not receive an email from your missionary yesterday, that is probably why. 

President and Sister Gerber want to assure each parent that they are vigilante in safeguarding the well-being of all missionaries.  During subzero temperatures, they are instructing missionaries to remain in their apartments, especially those assigned to bicycle areas.  Those assigned to car areas may leave their apartment only if they have a teaching appointment and roads are clear and safe.  After the appointment, they are to return to their apartment.  Each missionary is counseled to drink lots of water, keep feet, hands, neck and head covered and dry.  They are to layer clothing, wear proper foot gear that does not fit tightly when wearing layers of socks.  Gloves should be insulated and dry and at times.  Hats to cover head and ears, and scarves to cover neck and nose/face will retain body heat.  Sisters are encouraged to wear leggings to protect shins and knees. 

The missionaries have been taught the warning signs of frostbite, how to prevent it, and what action to take should they see these signs. 

The mission monitors the weather constantly and has published to each missionary what action to  take depending on temperature as well as wind factor. 

When confined to their apartments, missionaries are to use their time studying and planning so that once the weather cooperates they can return to normal proselyting prepared, rested and ready to go. 

The best support parents can give their missionary during cold weather is prayers for their safety as well as determining what you can do to support the missionaries in your area when bad weather strikes.  And, of course, ways that you can help hasten the work on the home front. 


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