Christmas in Michigan AND we got to Skype with Aubree (Sister Watko)


It was soooooo fun to see you!!! I love you guys soo much! Seriously, thank you for your support. I know missionaries who don’t have it, and I am so blessed. So things that happened the rest of the week…

– So the day after Christmas we didn’t have much to do. So we went knocking! For 3 hours straight! Not much was happening. Until half way through the 2nd hour. We met this guy and he was on the phone. But he said to come back a 5:00. So that’s what we did. We met at a coffee shop cuz we couldn’t go in his house. But none of drank coffee so that was good :). Anyway, he said he travels a lot for work. (He helps dentists with their businesses). A lot of his clients are members and he says that there is always some kind of light about them. And we said well we know the truth and it makes us happy! So we taught him the restoration and told him we would bring him by a Book of Mormon. And then he said.. “So what’s the next step?” So that would have been when we invite him to get baptized… but we don’t. We just invite him to church. And he said sure I can make it. It was really cool to just see how much the Lord is preparing people. All those members in Tennessee, and Ohio, and Indiana, and other places had an impact on him and I guess now is his time to receive the gospel!

– So our stake president is HUGE on missionary work. Mostly on member missionary work. This next year every single meeting anyone is ever having will be about doing missionary work. The first presidency is really pushing it. Our stake has a really low retention rate too. It’s sad. We get baptisms but then they all go inactive within about a month. So our goal these next two weeks is to get the members excited and to help them do missionary work! When converts have the support of the ward they are much more likely to stay active. And so by getting the members involved more, the Lord will bless us with more baptisms. We are hastening the work!!

Two weeks until the end of the transfer. It went by sooo fast! 18 months is short for how much work there is to do. I’m trying my hardest to make the best of it! Thank you so much for everything everybody! I love you!!! Happy New Year!

Love, Sister Watko

P.S. Share with me your missionary experiences!

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