It’s Almost Christmas! Merry Christmas to All!


So Wednesday at 1:00 my time. So probably 11:00 your time. I will be at a members home who also have a son on a mission. But don’t worry cuz they have 2 computers. I’m soooo excited to talk to you all!!!!!!!!!!! You should start making a list of what you want to talk to me about. Funny stories are the best! Can’t wait for Christmas!!!

So this week was good. I am working on changing my negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Also, I’m getting rid of bad habits and other things that distract me from the work so that I can have to spirit with me more. Also, I’m going to a Chiropractor today so that I wont be in so much pain anymore! Hopefully. Your Christmas package will be late because we didn’t have time to send them last week so we are going to send them today. Dinner was suuper good last night! Thanks mom! I hope you get to meet the Bauss’ someday. I wasn’t having a very good day yesterday but then I went to their house and I was happy! They have a daughter on a mission and we realized that this is all of our (Me, Sister Cutler, the Elders in our area, and the Bauss’) first Christmases apart from our family. It was nice to all be able to be sad and grateful together. Well, that’s all I can think of right now that I’m not gonna tell you on Wednesday. I love you guys so much! Merry Christmas!

Love, Sister Watko


This is Dad.  I wanted to add a quick email (and pictures) of a wonder family in Northville who took time to take such great care of our Aubree.  She made the missionaries a favorite meal…called it “A Taste of Home”.  See below.

We had a wonderful visit with Sister Watko last night! I think it was a big success because her plate was absolutely clean by the end of the meal. Everything was a big hit and I plan to add the recipes to my collection. At noon today my girls and I are going ice-skating with your daughter and Sister Cutler. We then get to see them on Christmas Eve for our traditional Chinese take out and reading of the Christmas story. If there’s time I think will also be making some Christmas candies together. She’s a sweetheart and thank you for sharing her with us! Have fun talking to her on Christmas!
All My Best,
Kathryn Bauss

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