Snowy and Cold….Brrrrrrrr!


So this week was filled with knocking doors. We probably did at least ten hours this week. Half of those in a foot and a half of snow in below freezing weather. So I’m not complaining because good things happened. We got 2 new investigators! That was sweet :). So not a lot happened this week. I feel bad I don’t have much to tell you. I can tell you what I’ve learned. Basically I’ve learned that there is no end to learning or growing. In my studies I have been studying about Jesus Christ. Then I think I know like everything about him. Then I go to church and and learn even more about Him that I didn’t know before. Then I go out and knock doors and talk to people and experience life and learn EVEN MORE. It’s awesome! I’m also learning  that just doing things is the best way to get better at them. Who would have thought? That’s probably the most difficult thing. I’m not a go getter, but I’m learning to be one. I’m learning to work with the ward better too. Dad, how is being ward mission leader going? What’s it like in Utah? My ward mission leader is really cool. He never answers his phone though, which can be frustrating, but he tries. Um, we’re having a mission wide party on Christmas eve which I’m super excited about!!

You should be getting an e-mail from Sister Bauss today. She’s awesome :). I don’t know what else to say. I’m sending some pictures home today. I love you guys!!! The church is true!

Love, Sister Watko


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