Staying in Northville…with Sister Cutler

A few of the questions from Mom…Hi honey! So I’m just going to start out with a bunch of questions.  I’m dying to know about transfers on Saturday.  Anything for you two?  How was Thanksgiving?  Tell me about everywhere you went.  Did you find somewhere so you didn’t have to knock doors? Have you had any uncomfortable food things happen yet (eating something you didn’t want to)?  Tried anything new?
Mommy and Family,

So I’m just going to start out with a bunch of answers. Sister Cutler and I are both staying! This is her 5th transfer here in Northville. I’m happy about it! This transfer is going to be tough but great! Thanksgiving was awesome! We went to Hannah’s house at like 2:00. She got baptized in June and hasn’t come to church since July. She is 20 years old and the rest of her family is Catholic. So we ate dinner there and it was so fun and they really like us. Plus, Hannah came to Sacrament Meeting on Sunday so that was cool too. And then after that we went to the King’s for another dinner. They are sooo funny, so nothing went wrong there. Also, they kind of already invited us over for Christmas too, so yay! We also made hand turkey thank you notes during 12 week so that we could give them to our potentials and other investigators. That was fun :). So no, we didn’t knock any doors that day thank goodness. So Sister Cutler likes to tell people that I don’t eat fruits or vegetables. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s embarrasing but it makes it so I don’t have to eat things. So I haven’t really had anything super new. I did eat sloppy joes once. And I ate pumpkin pie. That’s about it. Oh! On Thanksgiving morning, a family in our ward has a family tradition that they have a pie breakfast. So we had pie for breakfast and watched the ward play turkey bowl. That was super fun!

I have to call everytime I need a refill? Ok…

I am so glad St. George was fun! Oh Davis!!!!! I just love him! That is so cute. Happy Anniversary Nana and Papa! I love you so much!

So I have 2 requests. 1. Will you please send me my water pillow? My neck is killing me. The Kings own a chiropractor so I’m thinking about making an appointment. 2. Please, please, please send me pictures. I don’t care of what. You can print them out and mail them, you can send me a flash drive or memory card, e-mail them, I don’t care. I just wanna see you guys :). Also, I will probably be sending you my memory card so you can put the pictures on the computer. But then send it back to me.

So today we are going to Detroit! An investigator (Walt) is taking us! I’m soooo excited :)! I’ll take pictures there too.

Something I learned this week: I read a talk by President Eyring called “Faith and Keys”. He talks about the Priesthood and how we need to strengthen our faith in it. It’s amazing how much Heavenly Father trusts His children with his power. And it’s sad how much some people don’t honor it as much as they should. I have never really studied the Priesthood before but my testimony in it has definitely grown and I have so much more respect for those of you who hold it. Shout out to you daddy! 🙂

Well, I love you all! The church is true and God loves you!

Love, Sister Aubree 🙂


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