It’s Almost Christmas! Merry Christmas to All!


So Wednesday at 1:00 my time. So probably 11:00 your time. I will be at a members home who also have a son on a mission. But don’t worry cuz they have 2 computers. I’m soooo excited to talk to you all!!!!!!!!!!! You should start making a list of what you want to talk to me about. Funny stories are the best! Can’t wait for Christmas!!!

So this week was good. I am working on changing my negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Also, I’m getting rid of bad habits and other things that distract me from the work so that I can have to spirit with me more. Also, I’m going to a Chiropractor today so that I wont be in so much pain anymore! Hopefully. Your Christmas package will be late because we didn’t have time to send them last week so we are going to send them today. Dinner was suuper good last night! Thanks mom! I hope you get to meet the Bauss’ someday. I wasn’t having a very good day yesterday but then I went to their house and I was happy! They have a daughter on a mission and we realized that this is all of our (Me, Sister Cutler, the Elders in our area, and the Bauss’) first Christmases apart from our family. It was nice to all be able to be sad and grateful together. Well, that’s all I can think of right now that I’m not gonna tell you on Wednesday. I love you guys so much! Merry Christmas!

Love, Sister Watko


This is Dad.  I wanted to add a quick email (and pictures) of a wonder family in Northville who took time to take such great care of our Aubree.  She made the missionaries a favorite meal…called it “A Taste of Home”.  See below.

We had a wonderful visit with Sister Watko last night! I think it was a big success because her plate was absolutely clean by the end of the meal. Everything was a big hit and I plan to add the recipes to my collection. At noon today my girls and I are going ice-skating with your daughter and Sister Cutler. We then get to see them on Christmas Eve for our traditional Chinese take out and reading of the Christmas story. If there’s time I think will also be making some Christmas candies together. She’s a sweetheart and thank you for sharing her with us! Have fun talking to her on Christmas!
All My Best,
Kathryn Bauss

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Snowy and Cold….Brrrrrrrr!


So this week was filled with knocking doors. We probably did at least ten hours this week. Half of those in a foot and a half of snow in below freezing weather. So I’m not complaining because good things happened. We got 2 new investigators! That was sweet :). So not a lot happened this week. I feel bad I don’t have much to tell you. I can tell you what I’ve learned. Basically I’ve learned that there is no end to learning or growing. In my studies I have been studying about Jesus Christ. Then I think I know like everything about him. Then I go to church and and learn even more about Him that I didn’t know before. Then I go out and knock doors and talk to people and experience life and learn EVEN MORE. It’s awesome! I’m also learning  that just doing things is the best way to get better at them. Who would have thought? That’s probably the most difficult thing. I’m not a go getter, but I’m learning to be one. I’m learning to work with the ward better too. Dad, how is being ward mission leader going? What’s it like in Utah? My ward mission leader is really cool. He never answers his phone though, which can be frustrating, but he tries. Um, we’re having a mission wide party on Christmas eve which I’m super excited about!!

You should be getting an e-mail from Sister Bauss today. She’s awesome :). I don’t know what else to say. I’m sending some pictures home today. I love you guys!!! The church is true!

Love, Sister Watko

A good week, an excursion to downtown Detroit AND the RenCen

Dear Family,

Thank you for the pictures! Everyone is huge! It looks like you guys had lots of fun :)! Oh Courtney… hahahahahahahaha! So Detroit was really fun! We didn’t get as much time as we wanted but it was still really cool! We saw Canada, and the RenCen, and the stadiums, and ate at a really good pizza place. Yep, there were lots of cars! This man in my ward works for ford and they just started or finished ( I can’t remember) working on the new mustang. I heard it’s pretty sweet. I almost love Detroit as much as I love San Fransisco. That’s saying something.

I’m sorry you’re sick. 😦 I thought I was getting sick a couple weeks ago, but so far, so good. It has snowed 3 times now but nothing huge. Apparently it has been super cold and snowy everywhere else? It’s been freezing here but they say it’s just gonna get worse. I’m so grateful I have a car. My district leader and his companion don’t have one and they have been sick for like a whole month.

Speaking of my district leader. They have been on extended exchanges this week and we asked where Elder Martinez went and nobody would tell us. Until last night. His brother died in a car accident last Saturday so he went home this weekend for the funeral. We saw him like four times this week and didn’t know anything until last night when he was already gone. So sad. It makes me so grateful for you guys and for the knowledge that we have of the plan of salvation. Christ overcame the obstacle of death. As sad as it is we still have huge amounts of hope for life and life after death.

So on that sad note, I had a really good week! So here it is…

1. Martin and Sharon: Martin is a less active convert to the church. His wife Sharon is not a member. They have been being taught for almost a year now. Martin has major word of wisdom issues but has a really strong testimony. His problem is he won’t just take a little leap of faith. He won’t act on what he knows. And that makes it hard for Sharon to do the same. Anyway, they haven’t been progressing. Martin is a big hunter so they go up north every weekend to hunt. So they “don’t have time to go to church”. But we went to their house on Tuesday for a lesson and the first thing they said when we walked in was that they were coming to church this week! They haven’t been for years! And we didn’t even have to invite them. They just said they wanted to come. They said they want to start going up north every other week so that they can spend longer there and then still come to church every once in a while. So they came to church yesterday and it was awesome! They only stayed for Sacrament meeting but that’s better than nothing.

2. So on Black Friday we went contacting at Wal-Mart. It was a struggle.  We just walked around like idiots. So finally we were like we have to do something because we are just wasting our time. So we made a goal to give out five cards each. So we said a prayer and just went around and basically just gave people cards and said stuff like “Check out this website, it will bless your life”. So it was pretty lame but we eventually handed out ten cards. I quickly forgot about the whole thing. So then on Wednesday of this week we get a call from a number we don’t know. He says his name is Mike and that we met him at Wal-Mart. I had no idea what he was talking about and I couldn’t even remember going to Wal-Mart. So I gave the phone to Sister Cutler and luckily she did remember this little contacting adventure. Anyway he called and said he wanted to talk to us so that he can learn how to keep his mind clean or something like that. We invited him to a Book of Mormon class that we have started doing on Wednesday nights and he said he would come. And he came and he participated and he felt the spirit and he is going to read the Book of Mormon! Sad part of the story… he isn’t in our area so we had to give him to other missionaries who are elders and he doesn’t like boys. So he won’t talk to them. We are going to try to see if we can give him over to the sisters in that area so that they can teach him because he likes them better. That way, he’ll get baptized. Perks of being a Sister Missionary 🙂

3. We were knocking on doors on Saturday and it was freezing. We knocked on a door and before we could even say anything the man invited us in. He went and got his wife and she made us hot chocolate and we had cheese and crackers. They were this cute little couple from Puerto Rico. They are 7th day adventists. Which means their Sabbath is on Saturday. They were soo nice! They told us all about their family and about their religion. It’s crazy because we are so similar they are just missing little parts of the truth. Anyway, so we taught them a little bit about the restoration and a little bit about the plan of salvation. They loved it all and we are going back next week to give them a Book of Mormon. They basically said if you ever need to get out of the cold for a little while come here and we’ll take care of you. They are so sweet. The man was raised catholic but then converted. He told us that if he wasn’t an adventist he would have probably been a mormon. We wanted to tell him that he still could be!

So there were more little miracles along the way but those were the highlights.

Tell people at work thanks for me! That is so nice and so awesome! I love this time of year! You can definitely see the light of Christ in people. I love you all! The church is true!

Staying in Northville…with Sister Cutler

A few of the questions from Mom…Hi honey! So I’m just going to start out with a bunch of questions.  I’m dying to know about transfers on Saturday.  Anything for you two?  How was Thanksgiving?  Tell me about everywhere you went.  Did you find somewhere so you didn’t have to knock doors? Have you had any uncomfortable food things happen yet (eating something you didn’t want to)?  Tried anything new?
Mommy and Family,

So I’m just going to start out with a bunch of answers. Sister Cutler and I are both staying! This is her 5th transfer here in Northville. I’m happy about it! This transfer is going to be tough but great! Thanksgiving was awesome! We went to Hannah’s house at like 2:00. She got baptized in June and hasn’t come to church since July. She is 20 years old and the rest of her family is Catholic. So we ate dinner there and it was so fun and they really like us. Plus, Hannah came to Sacrament Meeting on Sunday so that was cool too. And then after that we went to the King’s for another dinner. They are sooo funny, so nothing went wrong there. Also, they kind of already invited us over for Christmas too, so yay! We also made hand turkey thank you notes during 12 week so that we could give them to our potentials and other investigators. That was fun :). So no, we didn’t knock any doors that day thank goodness. So Sister Cutler likes to tell people that I don’t eat fruits or vegetables. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s embarrasing but it makes it so I don’t have to eat things. So I haven’t really had anything super new. I did eat sloppy joes once. And I ate pumpkin pie. That’s about it. Oh! On Thanksgiving morning, a family in our ward has a family tradition that they have a pie breakfast. So we had pie for breakfast and watched the ward play turkey bowl. That was super fun!

I have to call everytime I need a refill? Ok…

I am so glad St. George was fun! Oh Davis!!!!! I just love him! That is so cute. Happy Anniversary Nana and Papa! I love you so much!

So I have 2 requests. 1. Will you please send me my water pillow? My neck is killing me. The Kings own a chiropractor so I’m thinking about making an appointment. 2. Please, please, please send me pictures. I don’t care of what. You can print them out and mail them, you can send me a flash drive or memory card, e-mail them, I don’t care. I just wanna see you guys :). Also, I will probably be sending you my memory card so you can put the pictures on the computer. But then send it back to me.

So today we are going to Detroit! An investigator (Walt) is taking us! I’m soooo excited :)! I’ll take pictures there too.

Something I learned this week: I read a talk by President Eyring called “Faith and Keys”. He talks about the Priesthood and how we need to strengthen our faith in it. It’s amazing how much Heavenly Father trusts His children with his power. And it’s sad how much some people don’t honor it as much as they should. I have never really studied the Priesthood before but my testimony in it has definitely grown and I have so much more respect for those of you who hold it. Shout out to you daddy! 🙂

Well, I love you all! The church is true and God loves you!

Love, Sister Aubree 🙂

First Holiday in the Mission Field

Hi there 🙂

So please please please don’t worry about me being homesick. I want to know everything that goes on at home. It makes me feel worse when you don’t tell me anything. Also, I have totally gotten over the whole St. George thing. Yes, it’s a bummer that I won’t be there but it’s mostly just a bummer for you guys. Haha just kidding I’m not that self-centered. But seriously, it’s all good. Please have fun for me! And give the little ones lots of kisses 🙂 My plans for thanksgiving: A member in our ward has a pie breakfast/turkey bowl tradition. So we will go to that in the morning. Then we need to find another dinner from like 2 to 5 cuz I really DO NOT want to go tracting on Thanksgiving Day. But I am having dinner with the Kings (same people that the son knows Brett Robinson). So that will be fun. I really like them 🙂 Brother King has bone cancer and probably doesn’t have very much time. Their son has MDS. So sad. But that family has definitely learned how to use the Atonement in their lives! I am so grateful for them!

No on GPS. Every companionship has one. It comes with the car I think. Yes I am getting letters from other people. I love letters!!!! I love getting them! Thanks everyone! Keep em coming. Also, did everyone get my letters? So skype is a new thing to me. We were told we wouldn’t be able to. But maybe that has changed? We get Ipads in the spring!

So I find out on Saturday if I’m staying in Northville or going somewhere else. I’m kind of freaking out cuz I have a feeling Sister Cutler is going to be transferred and I am going to have to take over the area. That’s scary. I know that I will be able to do it, It’s mostly just that I don’t want to have to do it. So pray for me. And Sister Cutler.

I got to see Sister Moreno on Thursday and I get to see her again tomorrow. That’s exciting 🙂

I’m trying to think of what to tell you about this week and I can’t think of anything really that exciting. There is this guy named Walt that we met knocking doors. His wife died 3 years ago from Alzheimer’s and this is what he said, “It was an honor and a privilege to take care of her.” He remembers how long they were married down to the minute! It is the cutest thing ever! He is catholic but pretty sure we’re gonna baptize him and he is going to be able to do his wife’s temple work and be sealed to her! That’s my vision and my prayer. He is just the sweetest guy and we taught him the plan of salvation on Friday and he loved the part about the 3 kingdoms! It’s funny cuz I learn so much from him when all he does is talk about his wife and how much he respects us for what we are doing out here. He is the perfect mormon without being mormon.

I said my first commitment to be baptized on Saturday to an investigator. He said he’d need to pray about it. My heart was going like a billion times per minute.

Well I really can’t think of anything else to tell you. I’m sure I will think of more as soon as I send it. I love you all! Have a ton of fun this week!!

Love, Sister Watko

P.S. Also, will you please send my e-mails out to Marin? Who else do you send them to? Just curious. I love you!