Rollercoaster Ride

Hey fam,

So in a nut shell, this week sucked. There were a lot of tears and anger and not enough Holy Ghost. It’s hard to stay positive when the people around you aren’t. It was weird feeling like that because for the first two weeks I was so happy and then all of a sudden it seemed like everything that could go wrong, did. Don’t worry though. Heavenly Father loves me and I still saw miracles. We have to drop an investigator this week. Maybe even two. Anyway, there were good things that happened this week. So on Saturday I was tired and depressed and I just wanted to start all over. But we went to this guys house. His name is John and he was baptized in August. He is super cool! His roommate, Jimmy, is an alcoholic and really annoying but hilarious. He gets on John’s nerves a lot! Last week John didn’t come to church and when we asked why he said he was hungover because he went out drinking with Jimmy the night before. But he felt bad and he was at church yesterday. Anyway so Saturday we went over to try to teach Jimmy a lesson but he was too drunk to listen. So we just shared a scripture with John and talked to him. And Heavenly Father knew that that was exactly what I needed. John just talked to us about how Christ can lift all of our burdens off our backs and how we can start new every week by taking the sacrament. He said that sometimes God gives us trials and has us take the wrong path just so we can know how important it is that we take the right path next time. I went to a recent converts house hoping to teach him something but I came out feeling so uplifted by him instead. None of us are perfect, but the Atonement is proof that we can all become better no matter what stage we are in life.

A sailor!? Cute! Do you have pictures?? Please figure out how to send a picture of Evy! I’m dying here! She must have been the cutest porcupine ever! Nana said something about Courtney’s latest moment? I would love to hear it. Oh Kim! I’m so happy for her 🙂 I have really come to love the Plan of Salvation lately. It is a plan of hope. No matter what happens here on Earth, Heavenly Father still has mercy and our Savior will be up there begging for our salvation. We have our agency, but in the end, everything will work out. No need to worry.

So not really any news on Raymond this week. He has been doing a lot of community service lately so it’s interfering with ARP and church and lessons. So hopefully he will be done this week and we can get going on him again. His friend/roommate is actually sitting a couple of chairs down from me right now. His name is Eric. He is one we have to drop this week.

So lessons I learned this week:

– Put myself in other’s shoes and be slow to anger.

– Everything I do has to invite the spirit or nothing will go very well.

– I have to be completely converted myself, to help others be converted.

– I have to be patient with myself… I have only been here for 3 weeks.

– I need to open my mouth.

I love this work even if it is hard. It was never easy for Christ. I’m learning and one day I’ll get there. I love you all! Write me letters!


Sister Watko


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