Knocking Doors is the BEST!!!

Hi mommy, daddy, Jordan, Michelle, Ellie, Bethany, Courtney, Toby, and anyone else who reads this!

So this week wasn’t as good but still not bad. I wrote a list down throughout the week of what I really wanted to tell you guys so I wouldn’t forget.:) First of all… It is SO beautiful here! I have never seen so many trees and so many leaves change color! Sister Cutler and I are going exploring in the woods today so I’ll send pictures next week. I went tracting for the first time on Tuesday. Scariest thing ever! I hate it with my whole heart. My companion does all the talking. Except one house I taught him the whole restoration on the doorstep. But I think he was high or something cuz he wasn’t all there. But when we walked by again he was reading the Book of Mormon, cuz we could see in his window. But I really hate knocking doors. One door was open but the screen door was closed so we knocked and she was walking towards the door so I smiled and waved. She came up to the door and just closed it. And then as we were walking away she peeked through the window to check if we were gone. Rude! Pretty funny though.

I get to go to the temple on Nov 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooo excited 🙂

So we have this new investigator who is so cool. His name is Raymond. He is from Tanzania but has lived in the Phillippines, Japan, and other places. His parents died when he was 16 and so he had to raise his 2 little sisters. He is 31 years old now. He is such a nice guy and is always helping people out. But he gets taken advantage of a lot. He is an alcoholic and a chain smoker. So he doesnt have a phone or a car. The only ways to get a hold of him is when he is at work at the grocery store or we leave a sticky note on his door at his apartment. On thursday we left a note on his door and told him we would meet him at the park at like 3 something. So we obviously didn’t know if he got it or not or if he would even be there. But we went and it was pouring rain and there he was on the park bench waiting for us! We had the best lesson ever! He told us he almost killed himself last week and that he is just done with life because he has wasted it all away. We talked to him about how much Heavenly Father loves him and that there is a plan for him. He has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and loves it! On Friday we are taking him on a church tour and then people in the ward do an addiction recovery program so hopefully he will go to that too. Because he really does want to be happy and he tells us all the time that he feels calm and peaceful when he reads. I love him!

Other investigators that I want to tell you about but don’t have time all in one day: Sharon and Martin, Kim, Jimmy, Eric, Jen, Brenda, Nicole, Roger. I think I will write about one or two each week if that’s ok. I love them all and want to tell you all about them, but there is so much to tell!

President’s letter!!! Oh my gosh we were laughing so hard! She didn’t even get one! So looks like I’m a trainer! You proud of me? We aren’t sure how to bring it up to president but I just think it’s hilarious.

Some lessons are easy for me some not. I feel like I’m doing really well. I still have a lot to improve on, but my studies help.

Congratulations Roxanne! There are so many cute babies here (especially Asian babies) and I can’t hold or touch any of them. It’s killin me!

I ate at a members house last night and their son just got home from his mission on Tuesday from California. And Brett Robinson was one of his companions. Cool huh?

Ellie: You should write me a letter 🙂 thanks.
Daddy: Thank you. I love you. I’m writing you back today. Sister Cutler thinks you are very sweet.
Courtney: What were you for Halloween? Did you go trick or treating? Nobody goes trick or treating here… it’s so weird.
Sisters: FAT CHIHUAHUAS ARE SO CUTE! I don’t like just plain chihuahuas but this little guy was just adorable. Look em up.
Well I have to go now but I love you all and the church is true! Keep writing me letters, I love them. Hope you guys are doing good. I miss you.
Sister Watko
P.S. Any info on Sara? Visa? Argentina?

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