Some things about Aubree just never change…

Brother and Sister Family, 

So Christmas. I don’t care. I want a black hat. And probably some candy. I don’t think sister Cutler really needs anything. But feel free to give her stuff. If we’re even together by Christmas. I need brown and black tights. I can’t think of anything at the moment that I really need. But thanks 🙂
Thank you for the non lecture. The more people talk to me the more happy I get. So thanks. I got a blessing on Wednesday from my district leader, so that helped. I hate Satan. A lot. But I feel bipolar sometimes. Because last week I was all depressed and now I just want to go out and work all the time! It’s quite confusing. 
So there are different ways you can drop someone. I really have no idea how to do it. I just let Sister Cutler do it. I’ll tell you how we dropped Kim and Eric though. So Kim is 69 years old with a 28 year old daughter with down syndrome. She got married young and had 8 kids. When her older kids were teenage years and the younger kids were around 3-10 or something, Kim got a brain tumor. She was in the hospital for about a month. During that time her kids went crazy and would beat each other and caused a lot of trouble for her husband. I don’t know all the details but basically she hates her kids. After that she kicked them out and had Elizabeth (down syndrome). Her husband died 12 years ago. So the missionaries first met Kim in 2005. They came back last year. And then started teaching her again just earlier this year. She loves the church! LOVES IT! Knows that the Atonement is real, loves the book of Mormon, knows all the commandments. Her problem is she can’t forgive her kids so she won’t come to church or get baptized. We have been doing service for her because she doesn’t have a car. So we go shopping for her. But we can’t do that anymore because she isn’t progressing. She is the sweetest lady, we call her momma Kim. It was so sad because we got up to her doorstep, sang some songs to her, said a prayer and told her we love her but we need her to act on the faith that she has. Then she said, I can’t do that, so I guess we’ll just end it right here. Then we all started crying and we left. 
Eric was anti. He was trying to teach us the truth. Ha silly boy. So we would argue a lot during his lessons. So we went back, bore our testimonies gave him a couple of articles to read and said we love you Eric, hope you find the truth some day. 
So that’s how dropping went this week. Pretty fun! But dropping means more contacting and knocking… Bleh. But we did find 2 maybe 3 new investigators knocking! YAY! 
Yeah it’s in the white handbook. Missionaries aren’t allowed to hold babies. I guess some people like to make charges on us for abuse or something. Really stupid, but it’s just to be safe.
So I don’t think I have told you about Brenda yet. She was my very first investigator. Like nobody had started teaching her until I came. We have taught her four times now, and she adores us and the church. She is very religious and loves her kids who are older now. She is the most charitable woman I have ever met. She has a lung disease-copd- so she is on oxygen. She was on a transplant list for a while but she prayed and said that God told her that there was someone else who needed it more than her so she took her name off. Now she doesn’t know how long she has to live. Anyway, she is awesome!!!!! Yesterday there was a tornado watch and huge wind storms. She told us she was going to come to church but then called us Sunday morning and said she wasn’t going to come anymore because she didn’t want to risk getting sick outside. So we were all disappointed. BUT… we were just about to go sit down for Sacrament meeting and Brenda walks in the building! AH! It was so awesome. She was like I really wanted to come and I figured I’d be safe in a church. Haha. So I had my first investigator at church :). And she loved it! Miracle of the week. 
Update on Raymond. I have no idea what to do with him. He keeps standing us up. Whenever we see him, he is so excited and wants to talk but then when the time actually comes he makes excuses or is too drunk. It makes me so sad. I saw so much for him. I’ll let you know if anything changes though.
We went on exchanges on Saturday with the sister training leaders. That was… an experience. It was good. I just missed Sister Cutler haha. I learned a lot though.
So I don’t have much time left but remind me to tell you about Jimmy next week. 
I love you guys so much! Keep the letters coming!
Oh wait I have to tell you a really funny/embarrassing story. So we have an investigator, Roger. He has been hearing the lessons since January. He has such a strong testimony and he is like my best friend. He comes to church every single week but he won’t get baptized because he feels like he has done too many bad things in his life and he doesn’t feel like he should be forgiven.  Anyway, Roger went out of town this week to go hunting. So when we were leaving the lesson we were talking about hunting and this is what I said “But you don’t kill people right? I mean animals!!” And he didn’t answer and I just walked out! I have to see him tomorrow. I really hope he doesn’t hate me. It was super hilarious! Roger has a good sense of humor so I think he’ll be fine. Sometimes I say really stupid stuff like that. Like one time I told Eric that nobody would want to date him. That’s not how I meant it, but that’s how it came out. I’m still working on teaching by the Holy Ghost… 
So I really do have to go now. I love you!
Love, Sister Watko 🙂

Rollercoaster Ride

Hey fam,

So in a nut shell, this week sucked. There were a lot of tears and anger and not enough Holy Ghost. It’s hard to stay positive when the people around you aren’t. It was weird feeling like that because for the first two weeks I was so happy and then all of a sudden it seemed like everything that could go wrong, did. Don’t worry though. Heavenly Father loves me and I still saw miracles. We have to drop an investigator this week. Maybe even two. Anyway, there were good things that happened this week. So on Saturday I was tired and depressed and I just wanted to start all over. But we went to this guys house. His name is John and he was baptized in August. He is super cool! His roommate, Jimmy, is an alcoholic and really annoying but hilarious. He gets on John’s nerves a lot! Last week John didn’t come to church and when we asked why he said he was hungover because he went out drinking with Jimmy the night before. But he felt bad and he was at church yesterday. Anyway so Saturday we went over to try to teach Jimmy a lesson but he was too drunk to listen. So we just shared a scripture with John and talked to him. And Heavenly Father knew that that was exactly what I needed. John just talked to us about how Christ can lift all of our burdens off our backs and how we can start new every week by taking the sacrament. He said that sometimes God gives us trials and has us take the wrong path just so we can know how important it is that we take the right path next time. I went to a recent converts house hoping to teach him something but I came out feeling so uplifted by him instead. None of us are perfect, but the Atonement is proof that we can all become better no matter what stage we are in life.

A sailor!? Cute! Do you have pictures?? Please figure out how to send a picture of Evy! I’m dying here! She must have been the cutest porcupine ever! Nana said something about Courtney’s latest moment? I would love to hear it. Oh Kim! I’m so happy for her 🙂 I have really come to love the Plan of Salvation lately. It is a plan of hope. No matter what happens here on Earth, Heavenly Father still has mercy and our Savior will be up there begging for our salvation. We have our agency, but in the end, everything will work out. No need to worry.

So not really any news on Raymond this week. He has been doing a lot of community service lately so it’s interfering with ARP and church and lessons. So hopefully he will be done this week and we can get going on him again. His friend/roommate is actually sitting a couple of chairs down from me right now. His name is Eric. He is one we have to drop this week.

So lessons I learned this week:

– Put myself in other’s shoes and be slow to anger.

– Everything I do has to invite the spirit or nothing will go very well.

– I have to be completely converted myself, to help others be converted.

– I have to be patient with myself… I have only been here for 3 weeks.

– I need to open my mouth.

I love this work even if it is hard. It was never easy for Christ. I’m learning and one day I’ll get there. I love you all! Write me letters!


Sister Watko

Knocking Doors is the BEST!!!

Hi mommy, daddy, Jordan, Michelle, Ellie, Bethany, Courtney, Toby, and anyone else who reads this!

So this week wasn’t as good but still not bad. I wrote a list down throughout the week of what I really wanted to tell you guys so I wouldn’t forget.:) First of all… It is SO beautiful here! I have never seen so many trees and so many leaves change color! Sister Cutler and I are going exploring in the woods today so I’ll send pictures next week. I went tracting for the first time on Tuesday. Scariest thing ever! I hate it with my whole heart. My companion does all the talking. Except one house I taught him the whole restoration on the doorstep. But I think he was high or something cuz he wasn’t all there. But when we walked by again he was reading the Book of Mormon, cuz we could see in his window. But I really hate knocking doors. One door was open but the screen door was closed so we knocked and she was walking towards the door so I smiled and waved. She came up to the door and just closed it. And then as we were walking away she peeked through the window to check if we were gone. Rude! Pretty funny though.

I get to go to the temple on Nov 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooo excited 🙂

So we have this new investigator who is so cool. His name is Raymond. He is from Tanzania but has lived in the Phillippines, Japan, and other places. His parents died when he was 16 and so he had to raise his 2 little sisters. He is 31 years old now. He is such a nice guy and is always helping people out. But he gets taken advantage of a lot. He is an alcoholic and a chain smoker. So he doesnt have a phone or a car. The only ways to get a hold of him is when he is at work at the grocery store or we leave a sticky note on his door at his apartment. On thursday we left a note on his door and told him we would meet him at the park at like 3 something. So we obviously didn’t know if he got it or not or if he would even be there. But we went and it was pouring rain and there he was on the park bench waiting for us! We had the best lesson ever! He told us he almost killed himself last week and that he is just done with life because he has wasted it all away. We talked to him about how much Heavenly Father loves him and that there is a plan for him. He has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and loves it! On Friday we are taking him on a church tour and then people in the ward do an addiction recovery program so hopefully he will go to that too. Because he really does want to be happy and he tells us all the time that he feels calm and peaceful when he reads. I love him!

Other investigators that I want to tell you about but don’t have time all in one day: Sharon and Martin, Kim, Jimmy, Eric, Jen, Brenda, Nicole, Roger. I think I will write about one or two each week if that’s ok. I love them all and want to tell you all about them, but there is so much to tell!

President’s letter!!! Oh my gosh we were laughing so hard! She didn’t even get one! So looks like I’m a trainer! You proud of me? We aren’t sure how to bring it up to president but I just think it’s hilarious.

Some lessons are easy for me some not. I feel like I’m doing really well. I still have a lot to improve on, but my studies help.

Congratulations Roxanne! There are so many cute babies here (especially Asian babies) and I can’t hold or touch any of them. It’s killin me!

I ate at a members house last night and their son just got home from his mission on Tuesday from California. And Brett Robinson was one of his companions. Cool huh?

Ellie: You should write me a letter 🙂 thanks.
Daddy: Thank you. I love you. I’m writing you back today. Sister Cutler thinks you are very sweet.
Courtney: What were you for Halloween? Did you go trick or treating? Nobody goes trick or treating here… it’s so weird.
Sisters: FAT CHIHUAHUAS ARE SO CUTE! I don’t like just plain chihuahuas but this little guy was just adorable. Look em up.
Well I have to go now but I love you all and the church is true! Keep writing me letters, I love them. Hope you guys are doing good. I miss you.
Sister Watko
P.S. Any info on Sara? Visa? Argentina?