First week in the mission field: Northville, MI

Hola mi familia! Boy am I glad I’m not speaking spanish!

Well first things first (don’t faint). I’m really weirding myself out. I haven’t felt depressed or anxious since Tuesday. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am excited to go out and talk to people and do things I have never done before. The faith I have is incredible. Heavenly Father must really love me because I am feeling better than I have in a loooong time. Like before I could do hard things but now I can do hard things and LOVE it! It is so weird. So no need to worry (not that you were) because everything is just dandy. I still can’t even believe how this is working but it is definitely a miracle. Thank you for your prayers!

So answer time…

My companion is Sister Cutler. She is 19, 3 months older than me. She has been out for 4 months and Northville is her only area, but she loves it. She is really fun and funny. She is a wonderful missionary and has already taught me soo much. Plus she always makes me feel good. She is another answer to my prayers.

We live in an apartment with one other companionship. I live with one of the sisters in my district at the MTC, and I love her so I was really happy about that. They serve in Livonia though.

I’m eating pretty good. Mostly cereal, sandwiches, and quesadillas. There is a restraunt named Aubree’s! I haven’t eaten there yet though but I want to. It’s even spelled the same way. Pretty cool.

I’ve been wearing my coat/jacket that I got from costco. Not cold enough to wear my big ones yet. We teach a lot of people outside though so I will need them soon if we can’t find other places to meet with them.

I already love the people here! I’m also blessed because Sister Cutler and her last companion did a great job and there are investigators, progressing investigators, a ton of potentials and so pretty sold less actives and recent converts. We are never not busy. I wish I could tell you about all of them but that would take too long. One problem with a lot of them is though… well lets just say I smell like smoke 24/7. haha. Love them though! We are going to try to get 3 investigators on a baptismal date this week so wish us luck! More like pray for us.

Northville is super cute! Really nice area. They put skeletons up everywhere in downtown Northville and they a cute. I’ll try to get a couple pictures. Dad: what is Sarah’s last name? Mom: You will be getting an e-mail from a sister Bauss sometime in the next six weeks. She is a member and her family is awesome. Dad, what is your job description. There is another member in our ward who works for fidelity and I realized I couldn’t tell her what you did. I love our ward here!

Jordan, the talks you gave me have actually been suuuper helpful, so thank you!

I love you Bethany!

Michelle, your letter is on it’s way… I want you to draw me a giraffe.

Hi Ellie and Courtney! I love you guys! How are you?

So any changes in the ward? Family? How is everyone? I miss you all, but am glad I am here. I’ll send you a few pictures from the Halloween party and of my roommates. I love you! I really am doing amazing. The church is true. I love Heavenly Father. I love the Atonement because I probably wouldn’t be feeling like this if I didn’t.


Sister Watko

P.S. Sorry if I missed anything, I am running out of time. And I am really hungry. Also will you send me my work address please?


She has landed in Detroit.

So today, Sister Watko had to get up at 2:30 am to pack and get to the airport.  Today is travel day.  Dad was hoping to see her on the train (lots of missionaries travel from the MTC to the airport on the same train, at the same time).  But unfortunately, because of the timing of her flight, she took a bus.  At the airport, she was able to call Mom and talk to her for a few minutes.  She sounded a little down (probably from getting up so early and just being nervous and anxious).  I’m sure everyone can understand.  Below is a quick email after she arrived at the mission home.

Well family, I’m in Detroit! President and Sister Gerber are awesome! And he did remember me 🙂 Momma, I am in a much better mood. Feeling a little stressed and nervous but super excited! Pray for me. I love you guys and I bawled reading your letters. I dont have a lot of time but my P-days are on Mondays. I will get my new companion and my area tomorrow. I will not be serving in the most dangerous part of Detroit. They don’t send sisters there. Cool though they are opening a new area in Flint. Anyway, ask me questions. Talk to you on Monday. Dad, I’m sorry I didn’t see you. That was sad. Send me Jordan’s letter.
Love you!
Sister Watko

Sister Watko’s first and only Pday in the MTC!

FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!! So ya today is my first and only p-day in the MTC so next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Detroit! Crazy. I feel like I have been here forever. So the MTC is pretty much the most awesome place EVER! The first five days were amazing and so exciting and I learned sooo much! Monday and Tuesday were freakin hard. I learned that Alma 26:27 should be our family scripture… haha. Yeah really rough. I was being really down on myself and then felt silly because the investigators aren’t even real. But I got a blessing from my zone leaders and prayed really really hard, read Brittany’s letter and I was fine yesterday. I guess thats what will happen in the field so it was a good experience… I guess. I feel like I have learned more in a week than I have my whole life. It’s so amazing. Things I thought I knew, I just keep learning more about. 

My companion is awesome! I feel like I have known her my whole life, but I just met her a week ago. Her mom died of colon cancer when she was 12 and her dad got re-married 8 months later. She has one of the strongest testimonies of family and about our Heavenly Father’s love. She is really tough and sometimes too tough. She’s had to grow up that way. She is so funny though and is a really big help to me. There have been ups and downs with her but I love her. And I just keep thinking how its possible that we could be companions in Detroit. Can’t wait for you guys to meet her in a year and a half. 

My teachers are brother Sisneros and brother Weber. They are great! I’m gonna miss them. My “investigators” name is Dan. He is a friend of Brother Weber, so he pretends to be him. He is so frustrating but I love him. He understands everything we have taught him and he knows and wants to be like Christ. He just doesn’t want to take the steps to change. The first lesson sucked. We just threw a bunch of doctrine at him. Second lesson, we did good, him not so much. Third lesson sucked. So by the fourth lesson we decided to kind of start over. Dan really loves us and he was just praying cuz we were kind of forcing him to. So we went in there and asked him questions about his family and life, to get to know him. Then we each bore our testimonies and told him he has his agency and we cant make hhim do anything. He wants to have a relationship with God. So we asked what he thought he could do to build that relationship and he said “I guess read the Book of Mormon and pray”. Which we have already asked him to do many times. So we just testified that that was what helped us build a relationship with God and said that he would too if he was willing. So on Saturday when we go back for the last time I guess we will see if he did it. I felt the spirit and I think he did too. So even though it’s fake, it feels real and I love it… but hate it at the same time. Dan is frustrating. Also we found out that the real Dan is still not a member so we didnt know if that was supposed to make us feel better or not. 

Toby is going to school? Not sure what that means but Good Luck my little buddy! 

Will you guys send me addresses of people I might want to write. (Newmans, Marin). I have more time to write letters than e-mail so that would be great. 

I get to go to the temple today! I’ve been deprived! 

Well, what else do you wanna know? Let me know. My flight leaves at 7:30 in the morning on Monday. I have to wake up at like 3! 

Jordan, obedience=no regrets. I totally agree. Thanks bro 🙂 Sisters… write me! Tell me whats going on! I love you guys so much! I miss you! I feel like I’m forgetting a lot but I am running out of time. Sorry it’s been a rough week mom. I love you. Dad, Hi. I love you too. You sent me that on Monday when I was having a really hard day, so thank you. 

I love you!

Sister Watko



Day 1 of the best 18 months.

Today, October 9, 2013, Sister Watko entered the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo.  She will be serving in the Michigan, Detroit mission for the next 18 months.  We had a good day today as a family.  We spent the morning together, ate lunch, and said our goodbyes on the Provo Temple grounds.  While on the one hand, we are sad to have her leave us, on the other hand, we are so happy for the decision she has made.  We are excited to see the growth in her own life and hear about all the wonderful experiences she will have and the relationships she will develop with so many people in Michigan.  What a wonderful opportunity.  Aubree, we love you!Image